Rosa de la frontera

Rosa de la frontera


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Jonathan B (gb) wrote: **Just a mesmerising and brutal the second time around, Blu-Ray transfer is lovely too**A brooding, intense and often violent drama. Based on a simple premise, Guy Pearce's car gets nicked by a gang of crooks and he goes after them, all set against a post apocalyptic (or post collapse) back drop. Very well acted by Pearce and Pattinson, It occasionally slips into genre territory, before taking a turn in the opposite direction. A polar opposite to the dense and multilayered crime drama of Michod's debut 'Animal Kingdom', The Rover confirms that Michod is a strong talent.

Rasheed T (gb) wrote: Overboard, but entertaining. Sacha Baron Cohen is probably one of the bravest actors ever, playing a role that is offensive enough to get himself killed.

Julie B (ru) wrote: Was not impressed, I just watched it for Yeom Jung Ah

Jeff C (de) wrote: The first time I realized Rob Lowe could actually act. Spader is the Yuppie in Peril. Low-key direction...maybe too low-key, but worth watching, IMO.

Fred T (es) wrote: terrific music; not much chemistry between Liza and De Niro.

Private U (mx) wrote: Maybe my favorite Martin and Lewis. Probably the most solid, which helps. Lots of classic parts. Recommended.

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