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AW C (it) wrote: If you've always wanted to see almost two hours of people complaining about a couple movies--this is your film. If that sounds bad to you--you're absolutely right.

Raine L (de) wrote: I've wanted to see this one for a while. I know you hate her.

Konrad A (kr) wrote: This film was different from the first one there were some good parts in this movie and good laughter to it. The plot is different in this movie. I like the first one more

Art L (ru) wrote: Cute. Inspiring message.

Bryan G (ag) wrote: Most critics couldn't tell a tell a good movie if it came up and bit them on the ass! This is a pretty funny movie!

Kim S (nl) wrote: I saw this film about 5 years ago, but my friend Rob just did a review of it and reminded me of how skilled Rhys Ifans (pronounced Reese Eevans) truly is. I was blown away by his performances in "Vanity Fair" and "Notting Hill". Everytime I see "Notting Hill" I laugh hysterically at his role as the flat mate. He played SUCH a freaky character in that film. It seems to be what he looks for in choosing his roles. Eccentric and eclectic must be favorite characteristics of his.

Mitchell Z (au) wrote: A weak follow-up to the outstanding GoldenEye, Pierce Brosnan's second outing as 007 is a thrilling but often boring and outrageous film. The plot is a bit outlandish, and the action sequences are expensive and well done. But there is no suspense and a lack of an intimidation main villain for Bond this time out.

Anna N (ru) wrote: Not interested. I usually avoid horror movies.

Daniel P (br) wrote: Muppet Treasure Island is a consistently entertaining and hilarious film, with all the zaniness, music, and heart the Muppets are known for.

William P (ca) wrote: Vampire Western Comedy?! Fun movie to watch.. Any fan of Bruce Campbell will love this.

Henrik S (kr) wrote: A slick and pretty cool 70s heist / coup thriller featuring the always great Walter Matthau. I would not be surprised at all if this film is high on Tarantino's list of favourite films. It is pretty pulp, quirky and just downright fashionable. Yet, there are a few flaws in the film. The cast, apart from the lead is very weak and it lacks any interesting antagonist or sidekick characters and therefore, Matthau has to carry much of this himself, with his dead-pan humour and leftfield approach to acting, but that does cut it I think. A lot of the film's appeal for me, comes from the 70s style of filmmaking, the colours, the clothes, the locations, the nudity etc. Then again, I am not sure whether this is a sign of the film maker's merit or just the era and genre that I like in general. The films ends with so many twists, it could be a documentary on knot-making but throughout the film, despite hints of something deeper going on, there are not a lot of surprises and interesting things going on. All in all, a solid b-movie for lovers of classic pulp and the 1970s, but as a film, it is kind of one-dimensional but a great outing for the amazing and loveable Walter Matthau.

Tim M (ca) wrote: Surprisingly good, Cage and Hopper are both spectacular. Great direction. "It's the kind of movie made by people who love movies, have had some good times at them, and want to celebrate the very texture of old genres like the western and the film noir."