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Rosa: The Movie

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Chris M (gb) wrote: Campy, garish, beautiful, lush, suspenseful, cheesy, sensual, inept, odd...the list of adjectives to describe The Seduction just goes on and on. The movie shouldn't work, but for some just does. Morgan Fairchild plays Jamie Douglas, a beautiful and powerful newscaster who finds herself a victim of the handsome Derek, played by Andrew Stevens. Stevens shouldn't have any problems getting dates, but for some reason, he is obsessed with Fairchild. It starts with notes and phone calls, which annoy Fairchild so much that she confronts him in person, which only feeds his desire even more. Soon, he's breaking into her house, terrorizing her friends, and promising other threats. The police are no help to Fairchild and she realizes that she must take matters into her own hands. The Seduction sure is a product of those glorious 80's. The movie looks stunning with great sets, locations...not to mention the teaming of Fairchild and Stevens, who aren't too bad to look at either. Sure, there are some dull stretches in the middle section, but the movie is so eager to please and entertain that it's easy to forgive some of the more inept moments in the film. It all builds to a nice finale where Fairchild gets her revenge. Colleen Camp lends some support as Fairchild's loud mouthed friend and Michael Sarrazin does o.k. as Fairchild's rather old boyfriend. The score by Lalo Schaffin is extremely beautiful and echoes the work of Pino Donaggio that includes a great theme song sung by none other than Dionne Warwick (?) The Seducion is a MUST for fans of early 80's horror, suspense, sleaze, exploitation, drama, soap's just for people who love the 80's.

Ian W (it) wrote: Sam Worthington is upstaged here but shows his softer side in this well executed kid's movie. Sure, some of the paper plane sequences are CG but it does not detract from the warm plot and believable characters.

Jayden N (kr) wrote: This movie is pure ass. Over-produced, straw man arguments, and Ben tries his hardest to debunk evolution without putting anything else forward.

Gabriel W (mx) wrote: What I love most of good Italian movies its their capacity to bring you in a deep emotional journey from a simple everyday life situation. Quiet Chaos is a touching and rational movie which will hit your heart as well as your mind.

Christian H (es) wrote: One of Viggo Mortenson's finest and most convincing performances

Luke N (it) wrote: Nobody likes this film ... but what can I say? I thought 'December Boys' was a lovely movie. That sounds gay, but it's the best way I can describe it. The film is overly sentimental, but God hep me, I'm a sucker for sentimentality. And as a fan of Daniel Radcliffe - an actor who, while not always at his best, does have an interesting style and originality which I think (and hope) will continue to guide him further than the restrictions cast upon him by portraying Harry Potter - I enjoyed this for the fact that he does prove himself capable of playing someone else. The mystical quality gained by the alluring Australian location serves an equally important part in making this movie more interesting than it otherwise might have been, and from what I've heard, the storyline in the original novel is much more eventful and involving. But there you have it. 'December Boys' is what it is, and while I can understand why most people dislike it, I found it thoroughly enjoyable, and quite emotionally moving.

Jandy R (us) wrote: I'm glad they still make movies like this.

Stevenson M (gb) wrote: Best of the three series.

Jimmy P (nl) wrote: Fast forward through the first half. It's just a quick recap of the first film. Come the second half - unintentional hilarity gold!

Judge L (it) wrote: One of my favorite films from my childhood days. I still enjoy watching it to this day. Great cast, story and it is centered around a boy and his love of biking. If you have never seen this one do yourself a favor and give it a watch!12/28/12: Finally added this one to my DVD collection!

Greg W (au) wrote: the 70's were the peak years 4 roger corman why? cos he surrounded himself with amazing talent this is directed by scorsese features master character actor from hollywood's golden era john carradine & his son david (kill bill)& the gr8 barbara hershey (beaches)

Salim B (fr) wrote: ... To watch absolutly!