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  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Slovak,Czech
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:love,  

An amiable picture about entering adulthood, great dreams, and the first - forbidden - love of a white postman, Jakub, and a pretty Gypsy girl, Jolanka. This is a poetic story, a mosaic of the playful world springing from the wild imagination of the village postman and its clash with the pragmatic mundane reality that finally beats the rosy dreams of the young protagonists. Director Dušan Hanák and screenwriter Dušan Dušek's most popular film has been cherished by critics as will as wide audiences at home and abroad. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Grant S (mx) wrote: This movie had potential, but squandered it. The story of how a normal, average woman ends up in the porn industry had a lot going for it. It started well enough and seemed to be building to something profound. Instead, from a point it just drifts, and ends up going nowhere. At times it seems judgmental, then next moment titillating. Instead of objectivity the writer and director try to hedge their bets.On the plus side, Ashley Hinshaw is great in the lead role. Stunningly beautiful, and convincing. James Franco proves yet again that he is vastly overrated as an actor, coming across as a clueless kid in a school play. He is may well be the male version of Kristen Stewart...Heather Graham does well in a supporting role. Dev Patel seems a bit miscast in his role.

Peter M (us) wrote: Don't ask me what it means, but it makes you think and it makes you feel!

Joshua D (fr) wrote: show that likes to show off actress tits

John M (gb) wrote: It's certainly not the best animated film out there, but it can still be pretty funny.

Sara K (de) wrote: i really enjoyed this movie for some reason.

Zacquonneasha C (us) wrote: I love dance movies.

Brian L (jp) wrote: John Sayle's weakest, but still good

Les E (ca) wrote: Two stars for Hepburn alone. Most of the time was taken up by the girls bickering to put each other, and the world in general, down. I did not find this amusing and i took my attention away from the story too much.

Dave C (ru) wrote: one of my all time favourite movies,even the music was great,it will soon be a classic

Rob L (us) wrote: The acting is terrible in the effects have dated a little but if you enjoyed it when it first came out it still has it's merits. Even with numerous better choices of the genre nowadays

Chucky (gb) wrote: December 28th 2015October 16th 2016

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