A young American girl is found dead in Gota Kanal, Swedens largest channel. Since there are hardly any clues or evidence at all it seems as if the murder cant be solved. Martin Beck and his men are assigned to the case. Soon they find a likely suspect and together with a police woman they begin a cat and mouse game to catch him.

A young American girl is found dead in Gota Kanal, Swedens largest channel. Since there are hardly any clues or evidence at all it seems as if the murder cant be solved. Martin Beck and his men are assigned to the case. Soon they find a likely suspect and together with a police woman they begin a cat and mouse game to catch him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott M (ru) wrote: Better than i was expecting although still not a blockbuster and anywhere as good as the original fright nights. Still a good one off watch was entertained.

Rebecca S (jp) wrote: Bad Words has a thin and (mostly) predictable story, but it also is funny and the tiniest bit sweet. I have no complaints about watching it for free.

Anne B (br) wrote: Un film que j'aurais pens aimer plus que a au vu du sujet... et dcidment la camra l'paule je ne m'y fais pas. Tahar Rahim toujours aussi bon

Sean L (mx) wrote: "Pain is weakness leaving the body."

NIKO H (mx) wrote: I think I may like this...

Matthew C (mx) wrote: Its got Kelly Brook and an interesting plot what more can I say.

Michael O (ca) wrote: Excellent, it's maddening how brilliant at politics these kids can be. It's amazing how the everday concerns in life corrode us into forgetting our innocence as well as our ability to form friendships. If only we learned to abolish hate earlier in our lives we wouldn't live in such a violently xenophobic world.

robert c (mx) wrote: excellent story, makes the old testament book very well

Connor S (es) wrote: One of my favorite performances Christian Bale has ever given. Jeremy Thomas's best work by far.

Rafael F (ca) wrote: One incredible sequel, totally surpasses the first one, in my opinion.

Paul Z (us) wrote: Save the Tiger is the account of a day and a half in Harry Stoner's life. John G. Avildsen sets the tone with a deliberately paced opening scene: In a frigid dawn, the heated swimming pool steams grimly outside his Tudor manse. The film thoughtfully unfolds, and we spend what feels like real time (in a good way) comfortably easing into Harry's routine. We learn he sends his daughter to a Swiss finishing school, drives a limousine equipped with a telephone and has a wife who suggests that he see a Dr. Frankfurter to cure his nightmares. He manages a huge amount of people, he helps fuel the economy, he pays his . . . well, last year he didn't actually pay his taxes. He and his partner did a nice dance with the IRS, who hopefully won't figure that out. It opens when Harry wakes up from a nightmare, and it closes with some kids who don't need him as a utility infielder in their baseball game. Harry is a partner in a dress-manufacturing firm, and this is his big day as it's the day when he presents his new line to the out-of-town buyers. Countless things happen to Harry during the day. A buyer almost dies of a heart attack on him, he has a couple of deeply reflective conversations (one with an ancient European tailor, one with the last of the beatniks) and he plots to have one of his warehouses set on fire. And still, the entire time, his mind is on other things. He is plagued by his recollection of how simple life was in the 1940s. The title comes from a campaign to save tigers from extinction to which Stoner contributes. Then later on beatnik tells him that she read in the National Geographic about how tigers and other wild animals return to places of remembered beauty to die. Harry's place of remembered beauty is a professional baseball lineup, the Brooklyn team in the 1940s, the boys of summer. Harry was not such a bad ball player himself at one time. Now he deceives, pimps, steals designs from his rivals and finds himself negotiating with an arsonist. He wrestles with the guilt of surviving the war and yet losing touch with the ideals for which his friends died. He can't entirely grasp what went awry. His dream was to meet a budget, not being on one. Save the Tiger is indeed invigorating in its offering of apprehensions and dismay brought out into the open, the handling of notions and intimate answers to the perceived moral dilemmas of modern times, and the puncturing of stereotypes that have clenched many into angles where they cannot comprehend the people with whom they share the world and cannot truly grasp the intricacies and dichotomies that make up the layers of daily life. But Save the Tiger is primarily a monolithic piece of movie acting. Jack Lemmon carries this great movie, which he was determined to get made, by the very impact of his performance as Harry. He makes this character so persuasive that we're mesmerized. Gilford's eye and ear in his altercations with Lemmon bring a sort of contrast. They persuade us they've been having this same fight for 20 years. There are countless other good performances in the movie too, particularly Thayer David's professional arsonist and Laurie Heineman's hippie girl. There's barely a topical subject that isn't referred to, occasionally two or three times. Save the Tiger is an implosion of writer Steven Shagan's philosophical stockpile over the late 1960s and early '70s, as well as by far director Avildsen's most triumphant attempt to interpret the mold of 1930s and '40s characters, spirit and narrative into a misanthropic and progressively autonomous 1970s. Yet the movie's scrutiny of topical subjects isn't crucial to what makes it exhilarating. When Jack Lemmon and his partner Jack Gilford are feuding over the ethics of committing fraud, we aren't listening to the substance of the altercation quite as much as we're relishing the smoothness of its fabric. Lemmon and Gilford pack such vitality, such agility and banter into their carriage of the dialogue that their scenes together have a life alternately apart from the movie's indications. No, the movie's not philosophically right as rain. Nothing is! Naturally there are disfigurements in Harry Stoner's character, and we shouldn't let him go scot free feeling so idealistic and nostalgic. Yet my whole analysis is askew, it feels like. The exhilaration to be had at this movie comes from the way the performers and John G. Avildsen distill a sequence of scenes that are human, temperamental, crimson. We have spent the day with Harry, and owing to Lemmon's performance, he won't be consigned to oblivion, not like Lou Gehrig, Joe Penner or Henry Wallace.

Doctor S (ru) wrote: 3 Edgar Allen Poe tales, I haven't read any of them:Roger Vadim's entry which he also scripted seems like it was sourced from a twelve-page tale and extended to forty minutes. Easily the least of the series, but features Jane Fonda during her hottie '60s era. Luridly interesting/uncomfortable to see her in a couple three-way scenes since she recently revealed that her then-husband (the very same Roger Vadim) would force her into such trysts. They always say to write what you know.Louie Malle's tale is the best, and quite disturbing with Alain Delon as a completely evil sadistic bastard - even as a child, he would tear up letters from his mother unread and dangle schoolmates into a barrel of rats. Yikes. However, his evilest plans are constantly thwarted by a strange alter-ego.Fellini's tale is the weirdest, and a segment I found very entertaining until the last 15 minutes which seems aimless and padded. Still, the Italian Oscars sendup is a marvelous mix of satire and surrealism. Even the title character's name is funny: Toby Dammit.All told, an entertaining and visually stimulating waltz of the macabre.

Randy T (ca) wrote: The leave of a young Russian soldier is sidetracked by his own kindness and humanity. A story of human decency set against a backdrop of destruction and devastation. Poignant and sad but still inspirational.

Greg W (br) wrote: another lost review this western has an uncredited appearance by curly top herself, Shirley Temple see if u can spot her.

Sarah F (kr) wrote: i would like to see this

KingDoge G (br) wrote: Pretty funny. Liked it.

Ben P (de) wrote: Banderas' acting was nonexistent and DeMornay can't carry a movie by herself. The "twist" ending was pretty bad, too.

Gregg D (fr) wrote: Other than a credible effort from Studio Climb Malaysia who designed the mechs and key backgrounds and storyboard artists dealing with a poorly directed film it's a waste of time. If you like big guns and explosions in lieu of a paper thin plot with one dimensional characters you'll love this latest feeding off of Well's classic that has nothing to do with the original novel (as in parallel universe crap). Steroid pumped character design, crudely animated and cliche dialog. Cheers!

Sarfara A (br) wrote: Born Free! Directed by James Hill. A British film based on true story about British couple who raised a lioness called 'Elsa' through her adulthood; from 1960's book of same name by Joy Adamson. Film won an Academy Award for Best Music Score by John Barry, including Best Song nomination for title song 'Born Free' written by James Barry (Music) and Don Black (Lyrics). Film follows actual couple Joy Adamson (played by Virginia McKenna) and George Adamson (played by Bill Travers). The Adamsons domesticate three cubs into adulthood, while the two larger ones are sent to Rotterdam Zoo, the younger (named 'Elsa) remains with the couple into adulthood. Time comes when things change drastically for both the couple and Elsa, to opt for freedom to roam freely or go to prison-like zoo. It's a sentimental picture, combines several elements within to offer its audience a brilliant family drama, that can be enjoyed adult and kids alike. Film altered course of lives of actors Virginia and Bill, to be advocates for animal-rights. They successfully launched foundation called Born Free Foundation. Film spawned few without the original cast returning, including sequel 'Living Free 1972'. An American tele-drama containing 13-episods, was aired by NBC. .

Candice F (jp) wrote: This Movie has everything like great acting, good storytelling and amazingly scary. There will never be a better shark movie than Jaws.