Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead

Julian Marsh is an out of work ladies' man who lands a job directing a bizarre adaptation of Hamlet. After casting his best friend and his ex-girlfriend in the show, Julian finds himself in the middle of a two thousand year old conspiracy that explains the connection between Shakespeare, the Holy Grail and some seriously sexy vampires. It turns out that the play was actually written by a master vampire name Theo Horace and it's up to Julian to recover the Grail in order to reverse the vampire's curse...If only being undead wasn't so much God-damned fun!

Julian Marsh is an out of work ladies' man who lands a job directing a bizarre adaptation of Hamlet. After casting his best friend and his ex-girlfriend in the show, Julian finds himself in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kandis A (fr) wrote: Cool action scenes and I love that this movie was set in a certain period. Everything looked the part!!!

Hans M (gb) wrote: My favorite of all Cannibal Movies . This was the first known successful Cannibal Movie , and a few imitations followed . Me Me Lai is superb , and so is Ivan Rassimov the two protagonists . This was shot in the real jungles of Thailand with real tribes .

Wrik S (mx) wrote: Complete bolly sucker.... when acting base is weak, with a bad storyline, there is nothing u can do....

Arvinth K (de) wrote: can surely watch once for Kareena's performance --- took the whole film on her shoulder

Reece L (br) wrote: The film's exceedingly slow, mildly pretentious trappings are limiting, but strong performances, an interesting premise, and several intelligent ideas about artificiality/authenticity make it a mildly rewarding sit.

Janika Maria B (br) wrote: I like John Travolta, but not this movie

John R (au) wrote: 160729: *** Plot reveal *** Except for one scene, I loved this film in the theatre. Except for that same scene, I loved this film the next few times I watched it. Now, years later, more than one scene annoys me but I still enjoy Young Guns. I have always disliked the Peyote foolishness. And now, I could really do without the emotionally laden, politically infused rant by Chavez shortly after Dick's demise. I'm so tired of people making excuses and behaving like wimps (not the word I want to use). Buck up Chavez, it's a rough game; a game you were happy to participate in until the stakes were raised. Ok, enough ranting. Young Guns includes some great characters. Emilo Estevez brings life to Billy the Kid. In a world of violence, his continuing sense of humour really emphasizes The Kid's psychopathic nature. Charley Bowdre (Casey Siemaszko) brings a smile to my face and reminds me of Private Hudson (Bill Paxton) from Aliens (1986). Dirty Steve, though occasionally annoying, carries a fantastic double barrel shotgun rig on his back. Even the small bit players are cool including the tactically challenged Buckshot Roberts (Brian Keith) and the short-lived, yet arrogant, Texas Joe Grant (Thomas Callaway). Young Guns entertains this western fanatic, especially the final showdown. Satisfying action and good humour...if you're listening Grandma. Great in 88 and still showing well.

Amit D (kr) wrote: grave of the fireflies is a testament of what a good animation can do to your emotions. It's emotionally draining and as the fate of characters is revealed to you in first 5 minutes of the movie therefore the dread multiplies tenfold with each and every scene. Now just to paint a picture imagine first ten minutes of up(the pixar movie) and multiply it by 100.That is the intensity here. It pushes boundary on what animation is perceived to be...A Required viewing for any movie lover.

Anthony A (fr) wrote: I enjoyed this film, Even when it's 1855 and an Mil Mi-8 comes flying down and the US (Wrong helicopter by the way.) comes out and gets everyone and all of the sudden people are acting like a Helicopter is a normal everyday life in the 19th century. Yes I understand this had to have been some metaphoric meaning or something, which just added on to how great ad enjoyable this film was!

Sean L (fr) wrote: HD landscape porn in the same vein as Koyaanisqatsi and Baraka, with the heavy social and environmental themes mostly cut away. Featuring an emphasis on staggering time-lapse photography, plus an understated, excellently-timed ambient score, it's a great way to shut off your brain, kick back and let your entertainment center stretch its legs. The regular, ambitious shifts in locale took me around the world and back in less than an hour, lingering just long enough to trap the breath in my throat with one stunning panorama after another. A spectacular, timeless, moving photo book that makes for terrific light viewing.

Mark D (nl) wrote: This is a very entertaining movie.