Young and impulsive Rosetta lives with her alcoholic mother and, moved by despair, she will do anything to maintain a job.

Rosetta is a young girl who lives with alcoholic mother at Seraing suburb. She is obsessed by only one desire: have a stable job and a normal life. In poverty and hopeless, Rosetta is willing to pay at any price to have a job like that, but this desire makes she giving some unexpected decisions . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark T (ag) wrote: Too many scenes where they used super way way too loud noises to make it seem scary. Made it just unwatchable and annoying. Had potential, but when your trying to watch it and you keep having to turn it up and down every ten seconds it becomes a nightmare. I turned it off and probably won't watch again. Save your time and money.

Sean S (es) wrote: Oh yeah that is the 80's alright, the cars, the hair, the music, MTV (you know when it played music??) it is all there. While the film seems to meander I think that is the point as the protagonist is also in a state of wandering and change. I like it.

Tonya V (nl) wrote: I thought this was a pretty cute and touching movie.

Johnson C (kr) wrote: Quite a simple action type movie, standard plot, standard action, and standard gun shots.

Tim W (ag) wrote: Disappointing given that it has such a vivid poster. Not this one, the proper UK one with a proper headless man.

Abdulrahman H (ag) wrote: A pleasant surprise!I thought the movie was entertaining from start to finish, I mean come one, who doesn't like fighting robots? But this film was special, it wasn't just a robot boxing movie, it was an under-dog story which was well-made and the casting for Hugh Jackman as the lead character was great and he himself praised the movie. Also the boxing scenes were very very well-done and were thrilling especially in the final act of the movie.So in short, if you like boxing movies but want to see a unique one then would recommend it for you. But if you don't like robots then at least try this out and see what you think about it.Overall score: 8/10 (Great).

Frdric H (ag) wrote: Back 2 tha hood shows that there are no longer any new ideas to offer ...oh well good that series is over !

Victor B (de) wrote: It has an amazing confortable and chilling atmosphere and a beautiful cinematography.

Connor S (gb) wrote: Casualties of War is probably Michael J. Fox's most serious film to date, and unfortunately, it is extremely flawed. The true story is about a group of five soldiers who kidnap and rape a girl during the Vietnam War, and the subsequent court-martial of the soldiers. But the court-martial segment is done very poorly, and the brief section that takes place in the US is even worse. The film would have been much better if it had ended about right when the soldiers returned to base, and should have focused more on what happened while the soldiers were in the bush. Also, most of the acting in the film is really hit-or-miss. Fox and Penn definitely steal the show with their fantastic performances, but their performances aren't perfect. Fox plays Pfc. Eriksson, who is the good soldier of the group, but his character always seem to be more creepy than the ones raping the girl. Also, the John C. Reilly character was pretty pointless, since he was basically the dumb one of the group. Overall, Casualties of War is a somewhat brilliant war film that is only ruined by it's ending and acting, but features a powerhouse performance from Sean Penn.

Peer L (es) wrote: Wahnsinns Song! Wahnsinns Film! Lange Zeit einer meiner lieblings Musikfilme gewesen und immer noch unter den Top 10!

Paul D (de) wrote: This movie had actors in it that I like, but it was just torture to watch. This might have been the slowest 2 hours of my entire life. I do love some of the cinematography, but the script is just pure garbage. I could not recommend this movie at any cost.

Jimmy L (nl) wrote: powerful portrayal of true democracy and politics

Kilo D (us) wrote: A convincing, haunting, beautiful masterpiece that is a magnificent beginning to Bergman's unofficial trilogy. Karen's freak out is one of Bergman's most clever and memorable scenes.

The Phantom C (de) wrote: Bride of the Monster is enjoyable and has a very surreal atmosphere.

Arnaud v (ag) wrote: Indeed a very recognizable Ozu film. For me it is not his most captivating, but Ozu's craftmanship is in itself the reason to see this film.

Mike B (fr) wrote: Why was this made? It can't touch the original, and covers the same old ground without justifying its existence. It is there, that's about it. Watch the original for a very different experience.