Rossellini visto da Rossellini

Rossellini visto da Rossellini


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Rossellini visto da Rossellini torrent reviews

HungYa L (ag) wrote: Love it! The whole film was shot in just one small room!

Shawn W (nl) wrote: well this is certainly unique but not that brings up a valid point but they way they handled it is a dissapointmet...better luck next tme...skip it

Tara G (fr) wrote: I am watching it right now on youtube. This movie-like documentary is NOT FOR THE faint of heart or judgmental. The viewer(s) has to have a very, VERY, objective outlook to watch this story/case. So far, not much is shown, the story is just explained vaguely by different individuals, such as a horse trainer to ranch hand. This documentary is more an overview of opinions by individuals who like animals to individuals who have other jobs but have a curiosity to have sex with animals to individuals who have love and sex with animals. And the story/case is included into these explanations.

Jed D (ag) wrote: I have always been fascinated with "STEP" dancing. However, this film lacked a solid script behind it. Good to see Cle Bennett and Kevin Duhaney.

Felipe F (mx) wrote: An offbeat and sexy character study led by a magnetic performance from Maggie Gyllenhaal as a masochist secretary.

Derek F (ru) wrote: this movie shows danny dyer can act in different sorts of movies

Tub W (jp) wrote: classic...luv dis movie

Roberto S (nl) wrote: colpa mia. l'avrei dovuto vedere nel '96

Bonnie M (gb) wrote: Great romantic comedy, one of my family's favorites. And Dana Carvey was adorable back in his prime SNL days.