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Rostros torrent reviews

Joshua L (ru) wrote: This, dear reader, is the bottom of the barrel. It truly doesn't get much worse. Steer clear of this flick, Shun it. Avoid it.

Panta O (es) wrote: I really don't know what to say about this comedy directed by Brent Huff. A story presented as a dark comedy about three salesmen from Detroit who come to Los Angeles for a two week seminar and get themselves involved in a world of trouble when their 'fun' snowballs into a roller-coaster ride of secrets, guilt, peer pressure and stupidity, was funny at the moments! Away from their wives and children, Bobby, Jerry and his boss Howard are tempted by beautiful women and alcohol in the hotel bar. Bobby, a family man, tries to avoid the "rule 100 miles" (if you are within 100 miles of your home, you are free to do as you please). While Jerry and Howard spend their free time chasing girls, Bobby is dedicated to spend some time with the outdoor sporting activities. There he meets Monica, a gorgeous hotel maid... Screenplay had its moments, that is a fact, but altogether wasn't fulfilling... still, I could not give it a lower rating than 60% because I did laugh. Casting wasn't perfect but Jake Weber, Maria Bello, David Thornton, Michael McKean, Nick Chinlund and Shawn Huff, did enough not to be blamed. Nothing special, but good for lonely nights.

Denise M (nl) wrote: Emotional, and deeply sad. It's well acted, and Sean Penn did a fine job directing, but... this was a tough one to watch.

Hugo G (au) wrote: This is not the genre of movies I like to watch, therefore I wasn't very interested about it. I liked the fact that it had a story, and the main characters had one of their own too. I thought this movie was going to be just about boxing and fighting, but instead, it had about two fights in total. Which kind of disappointed me. Overall, it bored me most of the times, but at least it had a decent story for this type of movie and some decent acting as well.