ROT: Reunion of Terror

ROT: Reunion of Terror

When a group of former high school pals gather at a remote cabin for a raucous 10-year reunion, they find themselves terrorized by a mysterious killer with a serious ax to grind. Could the murderer be one of their own who is out for revenge? Possibly -- for as the classmates disappear one by one, the survivors uncover a secret that devastates them all.

5 friends celebrate their 10 year high school reunion by renting a cabin in the woods. Little do they know, a killer is on the prowl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


ROT: Reunion of Terror torrent reviews

Dane T (fr) wrote: Has some head-scratching moments, but engaging enough.

Lilly R (es) wrote: Strange, quirky movie. I know it's supposed to have some scary moments, but there was one moment that made me laugh out loud, it was so bad and awesome at the same time!

Jim F (ag) wrote: So many people are obsessed with serial killers. This movie, though a tad difficult to watch for the sexual conversations between Mr Gacy and the over confident teenager was quite gripping the way it slowly watches the boy regret his project that was becoming increasing difficult to get out of and illustrating the fear once he had realized he's bitten off a little bit more than he can chew. The actor that played Mr. Gacy was convingly frightening

Me M (br) wrote: Not great, not horrible, just "meh" overall. Seemed like a pilot to set up another film?

Ken M (es) wrote: This is a powerful, moving story about a Marine Officer who volunteered to escort the remains a fallen PFC to his family and funeral. I had never heard of it and merely bumped into it as I was looking at potential movies for the holiday weekend. It is brutal in its honesty and will make you appreciate the spirit of Memorial Day.

Jiovanny G (br) wrote: this moviie is great naruto as the ninja hero

Kimmina O (ag) wrote: I really like to see Jean Reno to play a comedy ..he was hilarious..and she was great as always.Story was funny.

Ross C (ca) wrote: Whilst being a gruesome psychological horror detective story it is actually rather enjoyable thanks to a script that's more suitable as light entertainment. Lots of silliness in a fun way and a plot that isn't too taxing to figure out with a back story about eugenics that will make it quite memorable, if nothing special or outstanding in anyway.

Bart (br) wrote: awww I liked this movie, found it cute

Jason S (es) wrote: Reflective of another time's humor. Many of the jokes no longer work and the date rape scene is very frustrating to watch.

Steven G (gb) wrote: This is the best Viet Nam movie, really amazing peice of film. I hope one day they put it on DVD, I get scared every time I play my VHS copy, I don't want the tape to snap.

Chris R (kr) wrote: If we were to ever get a real remake of 'Poltergeist', I believe 'Insidious' is it. With genuine scares, beautiful cinematography and atmosphere that's sure to keep you up at night.

Laurie B (de) wrote: Outstanding movie.!!!

Tim R (de) wrote: One of the great action hits of our time with an impressive performance from Andy Serkis!

Mark R (mx) wrote: First part of the epic toy story trilogy, watched them when I was a kid but man are these some good movies

Max H (es) wrote: Vertigo is a massive disappointment

Dustin D (de) wrote: Zoolander is a rare virtuoso comedy that delivers a laugh a minute. It has mostly stood the test of time and has become a minor cultural icon.