Rota Comando

Rota Comando

A história é baseada em fatos reais e inspirada no livro “Matar ou Morrer“, do ex-oficial Conte Lopes. Apesar de ser uma produção independente o filme pretende criar polêmica e já é sucesso nos camelôs como o primo rico “Tropa de Elite”.

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Sydney Y (fr) wrote: I loved this story. It also helped that the main character was hot.

Maxx D (kr) wrote: Watched this in the early hours largely because one of my friends is an extra in it. Was fully expecting it to be shite but surprised me in that it's actually pretty watchable! Okay so it's not breaking any ground and is clearly very low-budget but there were some great moments if a little sparse.

Deborah O (fr) wrote: This is just a taste of what this damn HELL HOLE was like...

derek b (us) wrote: I can't abide this. I really tried to give it a chance but Lionsgate needs to straighten up its act and put out some more quality films.

Aaron O (de) wrote: May is a twisted, disturbing but surprisingly poignant horror drama with a remarkable performance from Angela Bettis and an original storyline. A criminally underrated film.

Jay B (mx) wrote: Dark and twisted, but it works.

Mohamed M (it) wrote: see the movie...everybody..eyes will cry...

Sky B (es) wrote: If you know nothing about it and love thrillers, you will love this one. I never saw the ending coming.