Stavanger is no longer a small fishing town on the West Coast, priding itself on titles like "oil capital" and "culture capital." People are wealthier, the cars more expensive and the ...

Stavanger is no longer a small fishing town on the West Coast, priding itself on titles like "oil capital" and "culture capital." People are wealthier, the cars more expensive and the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sushant G (gb) wrote: Typical bollywood masala moBee!

Aurora Z (es) wrote: wow... ajay n kareena perfect together n beautiful choise for bipasha

Tyrease (ag) wrote: yeah them 3 niggas was gettig down hard core you feel me

valleri j (jp) wrote: Childhood memories surround this and I still receive flashbacks often. still remember the ice cream fight!!!

Toni H (fr) wrote: Joe Fiennes is such a brilliant actor!

Zoe E (mx) wrote: Interesting and funny story, not the best movie over all, but a good one. It was really interesting because it was life-like, or at least it seemed like it was to me.

Katherine P (ag) wrote: A passionate love story that is poorly executed - Blue, much like the title character, is it's own worst enemy. In her first acting role, model Dalle is a revelation and commits herself to the part which is really the only reason to watch this odd French tale. Explosive and erotic, "unique" hardly sums up this demented love story.

ZoRaYdA S (mx) wrote: tengoi

Mark B (es) wrote: Kind of an "American Graffiti" only instead of cruising and cars, it's the beach and surfing on the cusp of the Vietnam War arriving and changing everything. A shaggy dog, to be sure, with awkward story pacing and flat acting here and there (and the Tijuana sequence I think was solely written so the cast and crew could go to Tijuana on the studio's dime). BUT. A lot of heart went into this and the surfing sequences are nicely done. Also nice to see these three actors so early in their careers (Robert Englund also has a supporting role, pre-"Freddy"). Definitely a fine first effort from John Milius directing his own screenplay.

Kevin W (fr) wrote: Upon reviewing Masumura's 'Blind Beast' recently, I remarked upon his versatile a director he is, able to turn his hand at almost any genre and seemingly hop between them with ease, whether it be the lesbian melodrama of 'Manji' or the S&M infused amour fou of 'Blind Beast'. Between these films comes 'Red Angel', a strange black and white war film. One problem with being so versatile is that you spread yourself to thinly, don't always play to your strengths and fail to carve out your own niche or voice. My problem with the Masumura films I've seen, and I've enjoyed them on the whole is that I never feel sufficiently engaged. There's something unconsciously (for me at least) alienating about them and I never feel totally immersed in them. I wonder whether that's related to Masumura's desire to try his hand at various genres.Starting with sounds of war (gunfire, bombing) over photographs of conflict, Masumura creates a powerful statement about the physical and psychological effects of war, specifically the Sino-Japanese war of 1937-1945. Masumura doesn't hold back in showing these horrors; soldiers are injured and in gruesome scenes which remind me of the surgery scenes in 'Eyes Without A Face', amputations without anaesthetic are the norm for those "lucky" enough to survive. This is a recurring issue here; whether these men would be better off dead than being amputees for the rest of their lives, isolated from mainstream society. Many of them long to be put out of their misery. Then there's the moral anguish of the medical staff who are responsible for these life and death decisions. Against this backdrop, Sakura Nishi (Ayako Wakao) is sexually assaulted by a group of soldiers. It emerges this isn't the first time that has happened, that all nurses are subjected to similar treatment and that behaviour of this kind is pretty much accepted and forgiven by the authorities. War is an unnatural state where social conventions and norms are rejected perhaps and in a world where death or severe injury is likely and human life has no sense of value, humanity falls by the wayside. I doubt this is any kind of excuse for this act, but might act as a sense of explanation for it.Nishi's commitment to her cause forces her to make serious self-sacrifices - seeing a doctor's compassion but also his erratic behaviour, caused by his reliance on morphine to allow him to endure the horrors of the frontline, Nishi falls in love. At the same time, she tends to one severely injured patient in the most unconventional of means. Unable to relieve his own tensions (his arms were amputated - there's no doubt what he means), they start a short lived affair. These men are the desperate and the dying and Nishi considers it her duty to try to save them. When her lover dies, she blames herself and cannot forget, despite all the contrary advice she receives to think only of herself in this state of war. But the psychological scars don't heal. Proof that this conflict is too horrendous for anyone to possible bear is the outbreak of cholera that coincides with the massacre of the Japanese forces.'Red Angel' is quite a struggle to get through; it's subject matter of amputation, drug addiction and gruesome conflict was probably just as groundbreaking and taboo-busting as much of Masumura's work at the time, but it also supersedes most other war films in that sense. Very few that I can recall have treated war in such an honest and depressing fashion, nor have they quite approached the subject of war in quite such a bizarre and peculiar way. It's beautiful and gruesome in equal measure with a dash of the erotic at the same time. Certainly unique, it's further proof of Masumura's talent, though I'm not convinced I've seen a truly great film of his yet.

Allan C (us) wrote: Douglas Sirk's breakout film is a terrific soaper of the first order. Rock Hudson is an irresponsible playboy and accidentally causes an accident that blinds Jane Wyman. Hudson then dedicates his life to making things right, becoming a doctor and pretending to be another man to Wyman, who then falls in love with him. It's not as great as "All That Heaven Allows," but it's still a lot of fun if you're in the mood for an old soap opera.

Stephanie T (us) wrote: I loved this movie. I don't care what other people say about it. It was and is a great movie.