Rouge amargo

Rouge amargo


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Rouge amargo 2012 full movies, Rouge amargo torrents movie

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Rouge amargo torrent reviews

clinton e (jp) wrote: I know, I know. Everyone hates these movies. But, this one is my favorite out of all of them. Contrary to most people, the action and explosions are my favorite part of these movies. I just think they are all so entertaining, and i can't wait for Transformers: The Last Knight on June 23rd this year.

Benjamin O (br) wrote: Sophisticated nonsense.

Jolle L (jp) wrote: Je suis ambivalente. Je ne peux pas dire que je n'ai pas aim (C), mais je ne peux pas dire que j'ai vraiment aim (C) non plus. 1) J'ai regard (C) la version longue de 300 min sur deux jours. Trop long! C'est certain que j'en ai perdu des bouts. 2) Les animations sont d (C)concentrantes mme si elles sont l pour vulgariser. 3) J'aime bien le ct (C) scientifique. C'est toujours fascinant de comprendre le fonctionnement du corps et surtout du cerveau humain. 4) a m'a fait r (C)fl (C)chir sur mes sch (C)mas de pens (C)e et ma spiritualit (C). J'ai appr (C)ci (C) mes cours de philosophie au c (C)gep et a m'a remis dans cet (C)tat.

Sarah S (es) wrote: Love Chris Cooper (doing a nice Dubya impression no less), but I didn't get the point of this movie at all.

bill s (au) wrote: A bad remake of an overrated Japanese film.

Petros T (ca) wrote: It has a well-structured mystery and the female cream of French cinema in first-class acting. Hypocrisy, selfishness and exploitation are given a kick in the ass. It's marvellous technically, with fantastic sets and costumes, a good soundtrack and an unbelievable finale. And it's not elementary, Watson. A theatrical performance in the luxury of your living room. What else could you ask for?

Yoviendra E (ag) wrote: Yeah...Ummm...okay...2 stars is good donation for this...

Susan G (us) wrote: Slow-paced depiction of Van Gogh's final days in Auber. Lead actor Jacques Dutronc is interesting to watch, but the film flows as quietly as the Oise. Best reason to see the movie: pretty scenes of the French countryside.

Gd A (gb) wrote: I enjoy this type of Cultish fun Flick this and Trick or Treat are favorites of a simpler Slasher time. The Early Metal soundtrack and a Villain that is easy to grasp and Jeer , Fun for all on a Rainy October night.. Its not high art but its good fun..

Kevin H (br) wrote: Dark and disturbing...

Sean S (au) wrote: It's truly hard to decide whether Rumble Fish values style over substance. Its stark black-and-white look with avant-garde framing and storytelling certainly sets it apart from other Rebel Without a Cause-type pictures, but Rumble Fish is not so easily categorised. The premise for the film is only a basic look at what turns into a film that abandons any sense of actual action in favour of philosophical discussions about siblings, family and societal expectations, as well as longing glances that intend to convey certain things that Motorcycle Boy refuses to say. A special ending arises out of the slightly muddy mess the film makes in its second half (the whole pet store caper and police situation feels a little too surreal to be placed here), but overall, Rumble Fish is an interesting, eccentric cousin to The Outsiders.

Ana Karen G (ag) wrote: I think this story would have been better if was all based on the passed. We didn't need Gwyneth Paltrow or Aaron Eckhart. This idea of finding out people's pasts was boring. I didn't like it. The present should just be erased from this movie.

Frank G (ru) wrote: It's a very funny comedy. Enjoyed it very much.

Anuj S (es) wrote: A dumb movie equivalent to a trash can

Brian S (mx) wrote: One of the best movies ever made in cinema, full of social satire on American society and a very shocking, fantastic twist in the middle of the movie. Fight Club is a very entertaining movie, with a ingenious screenplay and some great actors, even the soundtrack is really cool. It will always be one of my favorite flicks. Recommended !!

Ashleigh S (ca) wrote: Having grown up in Sunday school, I recognized a lot of references that made me laugh, but overall, the film was an anticlimactic dud.

Martin O (de) wrote: Classic cheese 80's horror. And not too bad stall.Actually used to scared the crap out of me when I was 9!