Round Trip

Round Trip

A divorced Israeli woman hires a single African woman as a nanny, and soon the two women form a passionate friendship that leads to a romantic relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Round Trip torrent reviews

Mahesh P (gb) wrote: Really great representation of the medical and judicial flaws in India. Kay Kay Menon is great as the corrupt doctor-an amazing performance.

Carlos M (us) wrote: A tense and well-constructed old-school Western that benefits a lot from a stunning cinematography and production design (with its amazing sets built from the ground in South Africa), as well as some excellent performances put in by a very sharp cast.

Lynn M (nl) wrote: this was a truely an amazing movie. encourage everyone to watch it.

Kevin F (fr) wrote: funny, not sure if i'd recommend the movie, diane keaton was hilarious though.

Eva Katalin G (kr) wrote: Not bad if you like a vampire movies

Joey F (au) wrote: A powerful story with compelling themes and characters. Not incredible, but well worth checking out.

Kevin M W (kr) wrote: This work follows a brother and sister trying to survive in Japan near the end of WW2. It walks a very careful line as it begs sympathy for Japan (through the eyes of innocence, of children) for a war that they initiated. The close relationship between the children is certainly moving and effectively works to engage sympathy, but I couldn't help but wonder for say similar children, say of Nanking for instance. A tough watch.

Tania C (jp) wrote: Very sad movie - what drives a mom to abandon her child - poverty, depression - good movie, sad

Bill M (fr) wrote: Even John Locke enthralled by Jacobean enthusiasm couldn't make sense of this one.

Isaac T (gb) wrote: Ok comedy. Had its moments