Round Trip to Heaven

Round Trip to Heaven

Since Larry works at a garage, he gets to use one of the Rolls Royces. There is only one problem, there is a briefcase full of money in the trunk. So when Larry and his cousin Steve decide to go to Palm Springs to look for Ms. Right at a popular beauty pageant, the owner of the briefcase will do the impossible to get it back.

Since Larry works at a garage, he gets to use one of the Rolls Royces. There is only one problem, there is a briefcase full of money in the trunk. So when Larry and his cousin Steve decide ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jesse k (jp) wrote: Based on a true notion. A true premise.

Jamie C (gb) wrote: A really good and funny film a little different than I expected but it was funnier than I expected as well, Well worth a watch.

Annetta K (au) wrote: Dan Paris (English title "Inside Paris), 2006, France Seen Sat 31 March 2007 I think my expectations were set a bit high but thats not to say that this is a bad film - not at all - I just didnt relate to it like I thought I would and I kind of got a bit restless in parts; if I'm really into a film I don't think about how long its got to go! Some interesting techniques that may confuse if the viewer doesnt pay enough attention - the narrative is not entirely chronological and there are some fantasy scenes that at first look like they're part of the main story... Overall not a bad film... and its always good to see what Romain Duris is up to - his films are quite diverse.

Ricardo H (ca) wrote: TERRIBLY CHEESYand also quite boring

Nathan L (jp) wrote: A crazy, low budget, out-there sci-fi shoot-em-up gore flick with some great gonzo action.

m w (au) wrote: I refuse to believe that even girls who want to turn of their brain for an hour to watch a light hearted romcom could enjoy this. Paltrow and ruffalo are both terrible leads. Christina applegate phones in her performance as well. and don't get me started on Mike Myers. he's the worst. without the laugh track and music in the trailer every one of his jokes falls flat without exception. the movie feels soulless. even aside from the performances it's as though nothing happens the whole time. the main character has no passion no dream. she is just a miserable small town girl with shitty parents who wanted to leave her crappy town. that is both the premise and the plot. her goal becomes to be a flight attendant to Paris for no other reason than because someone told her that it was prestigious a and she really wasn't doing anything else anyway. eventually she meets a guy, a law school drop out who is charming by romcom logic because he drives a boat. the movie feels cheap too. I know it's supposed to be about white trash in middle America but the production gave me this Joe dirt type of vibe. like something made with left over equipment and set pieces someone found from ten years ago. like I imagine that for fun an Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell type and their friends shoot short improvised movies when they are drunk and on Crystal meth.the next day they watch them and it's all out of focus and the sound sucks and the jokes aren't as funny as they seemed the night before. but mostly it's just boring and utterly devoid of anything original insightful or substantive in any conceivable way.

Tanja H (it) wrote: Stupid comedies are fine, but this is too stupid! ;)

Zainab P (us) wrote: omg it was really good but cnat beat the first one

Colin S (ca) wrote: Underpowered as far as superhero movies go, but by far it makes up for it with likeable and sympathetic protagonists - even Stiller, who often portrays very grating characters. Azaria, Macy, Garofalo, and Mitchell are outstanding, as are Studi and Forlani, who are both among the most underrated big screen actors in the field.

shehna A (it) wrote: srk is funny....nice movie...!!!

Veronica C (jp) wrote: love this film a special lady did us a copy of it and i really do miss her xxxx

Marcus W (jp) wrote: A top cast, a great director, and a classic story. It was never going to be not great.

Chris C (gb) wrote: Cube is a cleverly written sci-fi thriller about a group of strangers who wake up to find themselves trapped in a maze of cube-shaped rooms which contain a variety of deadly traps. To have any hope of surviving, they must work together and try to find a way out.This is a fairly low-budget movie, but the filmmakers were able to construct an engaging film with their limited resources by relying on clever directing and a solid script. Since all of the rooms in the cube look identical, the entire movie was filmed using a single room. Using only one room could get visually boring, but the director was able to keep things interesting with a good use of lighting and camera angles. The focus is placed on the characters and what they're going through, and the direction emphasizes that with the way the film is shot.The characters themselves are interesting. They each have a specific role to play not only in the story, but in the cube itself. Each of them has a certain ability that will help them figure out how to escape, and a good part of the movie is spent showing how the characters discover what they have to offer. Their personalities are all very different, some of them bordering on caricatures at times, which leads to some tense conflicts that are more dangerous than the cube's traps. At its core, Cube is a movie about people and how they react to life-threatening situations.There are also some bigger themes going on in Cube. There's a very clear statement about the figurative machines that drive society and the roles citizens play in that. There are also themes relating to guilt, desperation, deception, and even the meaning of life (or at least how much life is worth). To say much more would spoil the movie, and I think Cube is worth discovering for yourself.Fans of thoughtful sci-fi will definitely like Cube.

Matt H (ag) wrote: it was one of the funniest movies ive seen in a while

James H (nl) wrote: I don't see why critics hate this movie. Grown ups is a funny film with quality banter and loveable characters. Sure some gags aren't funny and may be uncomfortable to watch but do the most part I enjoyed this movie. The moral I do think feels tacked on but it is still fun in itself to watch these wacky characters have fun at water parks and playing basketball ect...

Scott M (jp) wrote: This sequel lacks some of the appeal that the original Happy Feet had. There are messages about global warming, and looking past differences in order to work together with others.

Benjamin W (ru) wrote: Amusingly stereotypical, but somehow it works. In fact, you can hardly tell it was made in 1987, it's that timeless . . . probably because all the characters are extreme caricatures (I mean, Nicholas Cage was pretty good, and Cher won an Oscar for this).

Tim T (ca) wrote: The best of the Universal Holmes films. Tons of fog and atmosphere, with several creepy scenes. Highly Recommended.