Rounding First

Rounding First

Twelve-year olds Joe, Tiger and Chris break out of summer baseball camp to secretly trail Joe’s parents, who have lied to Joe about a mysterious trip they’re taking. The boys must piece together clues, avoid their parents, dodge the police, trust a stranger – and not destroy their friendships in the process – during an adventurous road trip in their last summer before junior high. In the spirit of Stand By Me, Rounding First is a coming-of-age tale set in the summer of 1980.

Three best friends embark on a road trip to discover the secret which their parents have been hiding. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alec L (au) wrote: Just not a very good film.

George O (ag) wrote: It made me cry blood. This movie is one of the dumbest movies I have ever scene! All these puppies come from the same litter yet they all have different genres - which is actually kinda cute, but completely suckish at the same time. Argh this film was bad. It wasted 87 minutes of my life that would have been more beneficial if I had been wasted.1/5 - only redeeming factor is that it has a st Bernard puppy in it - which is INSANELY cute.

Jason D (br) wrote: Steel Trap is your run-of-the-mill slasher film about a group of New Years Eve party goers in a deserted high-rise corporate building, all of whom are semi-celebrities (though nobodies in real life it seems as I'm not familiar with any of these people). Soon, several of them are invited to a separate party on another floor where they are revealed to be connected somehow.....and that's when the killings start. The deaths are rather tame, and the bloodshed is minimal. There is certainly nothing "extreme" about this Dimension Extreme film, though I will say that the direction is fine, the acting isn't too terribly bad, and the film quality makes it actually look like a regular movie and not just a shit-ball low budget, Direct to DVD film like most movies nowadays. If you have a brain, you'll figure out the twist killer about halfway through, and the ending, while slightly (very slightly) clever, stumbles at first, and you will be confused until the full story is revealed. I also didn't mind the fairly bleak ending. A good time killer, but not best in Slasher film quality. I will say I was very unhappy with the misleading marketing of this film to have you believe it was SAW times 10 with clever traps and such. It's nothing like that, but still moderately decent.

Ashok S (nl) wrote: Better than i expected to be ..was rather slow moving but interesting

Kaye K (au) wrote: i really want to see this

Yavu I (ag) wrote: so i may like some cheesy insperational movies but hey i do kind of want to teach and let the forget be remembered and ron clark good example

Nick R (ru) wrote: This movie starts off with the old Universal pictures opening. Then after the opening credits roll the movie starts off in some old town where some survivors try to find medicine. We're also introduced to this big van/truck/tank called Dead Reckoning that shoots down most of the zombies there. After that the survivors to this island city which is supposed to be their home.There's also one place in the middle of it all in called Fiddler's Green where people forget about the zombies. While everyone else outside lives dirt poor like in the Edgar Allan Poe story Mask of the Red Death where the prince has a big party in the castle and forgets about the plague outside.There's also this on guy Cholo, played by John Leguizamo, tries to get a place in Fiddlers Green by persuading the owner. Played by Dennis Hopper and this movie was when I was starting to noticing him. There's also a sense of deja vu since both actors were in the Super Mario Brothers Movie if you remember that at all.When Cholo doesn't get his place he takes Dead Reckoning and threatens to destroy the city. The stars of Shawn of the Dead are in this bar scene also as zombies since George Romero was a fan of the movie. There's also a zombie, Big Daddy, then gets an army of zombies and slowly make they're way to the city. When they rise out of the water it like from the scene from Carnival of Souls. That was from what I've heard of it that is, but I'll have to see Carnival of Souls myself one day.When the main hero get's to Dead Reckoning he reasons with Cholo and they go back to the city. Which is getting overrun by the zombies and the Ton Savini biker makes a cameo as a zombie. Some of the blood is CGI which is fine by me since he probably had a small budget.This movie also has a dark setting, literally, which creates a lot of atmosphere. Not as good as Night, Dawn, or Day but maybe because there was so many zombie movies around at the time it came out. I might not review Diary of the Dead or Survival of the Dead since I saw a but of Survival of the Dead and thought it was kind of dumb. Also for Diary of the Dead's way of filming as a home video horror movie I don't quite like. That sub-genre is just a little too overused a bit but I like the idea of that anyone can be a filmmaker.

Kenneth L (de) wrote: Acceptable education vs Exceptional education.

Trinity C (mx) wrote: Awesome. I want to see that.

Dan B (mx) wrote: Affectionate pastiche of The Old Dark House type set up, notable only for its 24 carat horror cast (all of whom thoroughly commit to the proceeding silliness.) Has some effective moments once the plot finally kicks in (about an hour into the movie), but by then it's slightly too late to make amends for the previous two reels of Desi Arnaz Jr. walking up and down a staircase. Still the film is bathed in a kind of nostalgic glow, not just because of the cast; even the words 'a Golan-Globus production' evoke memories of Cannon cinemas and British films that were more about turning a profit and entertaining audiences (in that order) rather than Film Council funded exercises in social realism.

Alejandro U (fr) wrote: insane movie, some good moments... I need to age Sor Estiercol on my imagination to realize she's Marisa Paredes!

Alan H (nl) wrote: The film that inspired a young Charles J Haughey (apart from the conscience part).

Ash M (kr) wrote: My favorite Tarantino movie!

Abel D (de) wrote: Gritty, stylish and relentless, 'Kane' displays its pulpy badge with pride. Efficent use of what is a small budget by typical action fare standards, and a commanding performance from Purefoy, certainly help.