Route 66: An American Bad Dream

Route 66: An American Bad Dream

Three German provincials are searching for hollywood. So they take the most American values, they can picture: an absurdly vast car, full of fastfood, bottles of oil and camera equipment on...

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  • Director:Stefan Kluge
  • Writer:Mathias Eimann, Stefan Kluge

Three German provincials are searching for hollywood. So they take the most American values, they can picture: an absurdly vast car, full of fastfood, bottles of oil and camera equipment on... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dawn K (br) wrote: VERY sad movie - WHY do men cheat?? This was a movie with great acting and amazing chemistry but it was very, very sad. It is not one you would ever watch more than once.

Greg W (mx) wrote: should hve stayed in jail-lamo!

Stefan R (us) wrote: After watching Wolf Children I decided to check out Mamoru Hosoda's other films and wow, he is such a terrific director.

Ri A (kr) wrote: Now this is what I call a good romcom, Angelina is superb I mean she looks so damn' good on screen but why the heck she felt to play a blonde role lol anyway go for it if you like romcom with excellent screenplay ;)

Mark W (nl) wrote: Entertaining romp of a heist flick. Rent it if you see it. Fiorentino, as ever, is hot and Newman is, well, Paul Newman.

Sean C (gb) wrote: Bad acting, bad writing, and bad accents combine for a high brow shitfest.

Greg W (gb) wrote: tsui hark is one of my favorite asian directors working in HK cinema

Ian R (gb) wrote: Pretty damn hilarious. A metal band comes to town and turns all the kids into murderous demons! The hero is a poofy haired Bob Villa impersonator. The music is pure 80's cheese and all the sound cues are completely tonally wrong, but that all adds up to a classic piece of Canadian film! Also has an early role for Big Pussy from the Sopranos!

Dborah R (nl) wrote: Un trs bon film, philosophique et qui nous dlivre le message selon lequel il ne faut jamais remettre nos dsirs et nos rves plus tard parce qu'il sera peut tre trop tard

Grant S (mx) wrote: It is the late-2000s and Earth is at war with the Dracs, an alien race. During a battle, an Earth fighter pilot, Willis Davidge (played by Dennis Quaid), crash lands on a neutral, seemingly uninhabited planet. A Drac also crash-lands on the planet. Initially the two try to kill each other but soon they discover that they need each other to survive...An interesting story of friendship and tolerance, with a good message regarding race relations, and the stupidity of war. Quite emotional at times, especially in the middle third or so.However, very similar to Hell in the Pacific, made in 1968 and starring Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune. This movie was set in WW2 and involved a US pilot and a Japanese naval officer being marooned on an island together. Similar story progression (to a point) and similar moral themes. Other than the feeling that this has been done before (though in a different setting and with a different ending), there are a few other negatives to Enemy Mine. Final few scenes are cheesy action scenes and ruin, to a degree, the emotional buildup of the movie.Furthermore, the production values of the movie are quite poor. Yes, I know this was made in 1985 but the special effects in Star Trek (series and movie) and Battlestar Galactica (the original series), all made well before this, are much better.Overall, worth watching, especially if you haven't seen Hell in the Pacific yet. Better still: see Hell in the Pacific instead. It has a tighter plot, is not sci fi, so is more realistic and relatable, has better production values and is more subtle in its approach.

Tenaj T (ca) wrote: The original 80s dance flick, complete with lycra, bad perms and a bad guy called Caeser!!! Now out of print, I cant get it anywhere :( Booo Hooo!

Cam E (kr) wrote: Okay this is just getting frustrating. So many films that had the potential of being good have been awful. Horrid Henry The Movie that was definitely the worst. The Harry Hill Movie has nothing to offer but silliness, just plain silliness and it is very stupid. It's an okay film for about the first 10 minutes, then it just turns into stupid ridiculous and unfunny jokes. You have gun-toting chickens, aggressive sat-nav voices, people made out of shells, a giant radioactive hamster and a stupid cringeworthy car wash dance. The whole film is just a complete joke and it is so poorly made. I have seen worse yeah and yes this film was awful but at least the cast is good. I like Julie Walters, I like Matt Lucas and I like Jim Broadbent, Harry Hill also. But Jim Broadbent is barely in this film. He has a small role dressed up as a lady who is a cleaner at a Nuclear Power Station. Aside from the good cast choices Harrry Hill The Movie is one to avoid.

Ethan P (jp) wrote: Bathed in a dusty, smoky atmosphere of browns and greys, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a sharp film with solid characters and the final act is dynamite, but there are many times where the movie sags in the middle and all the spy jargon and riddles are often confusing, making it easy to lose track of where the movie is going.

Brandon W (de) wrote: David Fincher always makes really well-made movies. The very techinal aspects of all his films are top-notch. The camera is very smooth, the colour palette is again very stylish, the score and soundtrack haunting and the acting is superb. David Fincher knows what he is doing. His films always suck in the audience even though not much is happening. This story for instance is based on the true story of a cartoonist getting obsessed with the Zodiac killing that took place in southern California in the late 60's and early 70's. When you start to create true stories, it gets harder to follow the classic Hollywood three-act structure. This film starts off very interesting with all the characters getting equal amount of screen-time and the creepy zodiac written letters begin to start coming in. Down the stretch, it starts to become a bit of a bore when the zodiac killer becomes absent in the story. While I can't really fault the filmmakers for this because this is a true story and the filmmakers were trying to depict the story as real as possible but it's something to take note of before you watch it. This is one of those films where many little clues are dropped here and there throughout the film and while many of them might fly under the radar or you may not remember all of them, they all come back at the end to make an impactful ending. Overall, this is a really well-made film. If you like David Fincher's other work like Gone Girl and the Social Network, I think you will enjoy this one.

Danielle B (br) wrote: So far, this is my favorite film adaptation of this story.