Route Irish

Route Irish

A private security contractor in Iraq rejects the official explanation of his friend's death and decides to investigate.

The story of a private security contractor in Iraq who rejected the official explanation of his friend's death and sets out to discover the truth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tamara T (au) wrote: Loved it. But then again, I am a die hard Neil fan. Oh, but he is great though.

Julia G (gb) wrote: Consider this the most dumbed-down kids movie you will ever lay your eyes on.

Karri O (gb) wrote: The subject has all to offer, but this film suffered from lack of depth regarding the subject. Still interesting to hear the views of North Koreans from their own mouth. What can I say, frustrating and heart-breaking.

Favian G (br) wrote: Kind off slow beginning,(so-so beginning). The thrill of the ending, and the whole meaning of what the apartment building is, is what makes the film average yet good. Though I've never seen the original movie, this one has an original story in it's own and that's what makes it worth having in my collection.

Mike L (de) wrote: This was a hard movie to watch. Other than the boy I don't know that there was on character you cared even a little bit about. The characters were all pretty disgusting. It was about 90 minutes but seemed so much longer. So why did I watch it? David Mackenzie, the director, did one of the year's best flims, Hell or High Water. This is the third movie of his I watched and it is interesting to see how he has evolved. Again I thankful for rental dvd Netflix who has such a catalog of movies.

Ruben A (ca) wrote: one of the last horror films i saw before i became hooked. that said, i was a big time scardey cat when i saw this. it really creeped me out. now it probly wouldnt. but i was actually scared. i was haunted for weeks. i couldnt close my eyes & not picture that wolf costume. i havent seen it in like 3 years. but i remember it being suspenseful, creepy, having a sort of dread to it, slightly slow but it worked well. if i remember correctly the killer's identity isnt that surprising & i didnt really quite understand his motive either. good to watch when in need of some entertainment.

James C (es) wrote: Great movie. Great acting. Great script. Great director. Too lengthy.

Scott N (nl) wrote: Tugged at the heart strings...

Private U (fr) wrote: A dark little Western by Fritz Lang.

Aitch V (fr) wrote: This'll never get old, or be bettered.

Jussi M (kr) wrote: Ei todellakaan parasta Seagalia tm. Lisksi muut nyttelijt kiusallisen huonoja. Varmaan hankittu kirpputorilta halvalla.

Aidan P (jp) wrote: I liked the first one a lot and I like this one too it's just I don't like their music very much