In order to shorten the completion period of a new work area, the director promises that he will organize a grand concert of famous opera singers at the opening of the new hall. There is an...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Bulgarian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:celebration,   singer,   piano,  

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Royalat torrent reviews

Colin D (au) wrote: A bad merchandising movie!

Danica A (jp) wrote: Had a few funny moments with the sex-crazed students and the search for bigfoot. For the most part though it was not entertaining in any way. If the movie doesn't pull me away from cleaning the house, that means it wasn't good. I do not recommend.

Melissa B (nl) wrote: Awsome movie. It gives a good consiquence for secrets.

Kara R (fr) wrote: An insane decision to be her sister's surrogate & then to keep it & raise it for herself when her sister changes her mind is so brave, & her mother's final exceptance of her lifestyle is beautiful!

Sigrid V (au) wrote: mi pelicula favorita

Rajiv R (nl) wrote: one of the classics in tamil cinema. mani ratnam at his best.

Stephen C (br) wrote: The after affects of the collapse on United Artists caused by the debacle of Heavens gate meant that most films which followed where eclipsed by the massive failure of that film.Ulu Grosbards LA noir was one of those films and despite some small issues this really is a criminally neglected gem .Robert De Niro plays a high ranking priest who enjoys all the trappings LA high society brings him and his ability to fix problems which arise from time to time.Robert Duvall plays his cop brother who is a more earthy and hard-bitten soul who has a more cynical view of his surrounding'sWhen a call girl is found cut in half on a piece of waste ground a relatively simple murder case becomes more complex embroiling both brothers .De Niro and Duvall are both in outstanding form here despite my thinking they should have played the other role they give the film a high gloss edge which keeps you guessing all the way to the end.The film is in a similar vein to Chinatown in its attacks on corruption and hypocrisy in LA society and how in the end the bad dealings of some will overcome the valiant efforts of the many.The film can feel a little slow in places but if your willing to stick with it this is a film which ranks alongside the best neo noir films of the period

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

Johnny B (de) wrote: As older horror films go, it's passable. The atmosphere and cinematography are top-notch.

Kiarash K (ru) wrote: It belongs to a wonderful area for social justice thinking: after ww2 and before 60s anti-establishment movement. Demonstrated the potential of dedication to the proletariat causes using the tool that was available: bureaucracy. The emphasis on collective (mothers) and an individual (Watanabe) simultaneously was a fantastic synthesis example.

Vanja G (it) wrote: John Wayne plays his classic "rough, good guy" role in a (somewhat standard) patriotic War movie.

Jennifer J (mx) wrote: Interesting movie..lots of things I had noIdea about...