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Scientists use a brain-altering drug to conduct experiments, after one such project goes astray, they need to find another test subject in this Japanese splatter-punk film.

A powerful and secretive corporation is conducting underground psychic experiments utilizing Digital Direct Drive, otherwise known as DDD. While under the influence of the drug ether, the human subjects are outfitted in rubber suits and bombarded with DDD with extremely intense sound. Though the experiments are successful in unleashing psychic powers in the test subjects, the results are usually fatal. As a result, the corporation attempts to shut down the experiments against the wishes of Motomiya and Hitotsubashi who are in charge of the research. In a desperate attempt to salvage their work, the two researchers take over the lab and hold an innocent secretary hostage while they transform their fellow researcher into an ether addict and use him as the final human guinea pig for their experiments. The result has to be seen to be believed as his psychic powers are unleashed in a wave of ferocity that will leave you breathless. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Fabien R (ca) wrote: Film sur le Mesrine italien... un peu moins r (C)ussi que les films de Richet aussi.

Scott A (gb) wrote: While it was predictable to the tee, it also had enough charm to keep me entertained: as well as a tiny run-time. It was only a mere hour and twelve minutes before the credits rolled.The lead character can be a douche at times, as he tries to hide facts from people too much, but at the same time he keeps putting himself out there, so you kind of feel for him. But you know exactly how it will go down in the end, so cliched city for the who will he end up with.My major problems rested on the utter waste of two great actresses. Jennifer Tilly really has maybe three minutes of screen time. One brief scene and never returns.And a growing favorite of mine, Ashley Benson, is like this adorable cheerleader who is giving every single sign that she is into this dude, including changing in front of him, and then the next scene she is classless biatch. And she also never returns to the film, despite her getting rides to school with our lead dude. Seems like that should have continued to be a part of the story, or did she just drop out of school after the writers gave her a 180???The score was also awful. It sounded like a blown out sub woofer. WTF?Hines and Macy(especially that hair!) really make this film better than it should be.

dave b (es) wrote: Holy shit this movie would make Maid in Manhattan look like Starship Troopers... Could this be the gayest movie ever?

Lamira R (mx) wrote: its a relly good movie. kinda sad ending tho

Ben R (us) wrote: Transamerica is a heartwarming story that sensitively shows both the inner and outer turmoil that trans-gender people go through, which is meticululously played by Felicity Huffman, (a woman, playing a man becoming a woman). It is also a beautifully crafted movie about the bonding of two very different people stuck with each-other on a journey.

Shiela E (mx) wrote: I loved this one-classic Woody. the premise was totally original and wacky. it was far-fetched, but he makes it work anyway. most importantly, it is just plain funny.

Bradley C (ru) wrote: Cinematography amazing. Acting terrifically on point. Story and dialogue rich real but funny and delightful. Brilliant and touching.

Cameron J (ru) wrote: An overlooked, misunderstood, and under-appreciated thriller that was one of 2014's hidden gems. Written by Damien Chazelle, it's a deft, exciting thriller that not only has us as nervous as Elijah Wood's character, but also manages us to keep us entertained even when the twist has been dealt with.

Ken O (au) wrote: I really enjoyed the movie because I know the place is represents. It was filmed in Tennessee because there were no places for the actors and crew to stay and the area is much rougher than depicted so there would not be enough space to make the movie. I would have done anything to get away from there.

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