Ruben Guthrie

Ruben Guthrie

An Australian film about a hard-partying Sydney ad man who seeks to start a new chapter in his life.

Ruben Guthrie, 29-year-old man, a hotshot Sydney adman trying to go sober, was praised by intelligent reviewers when it opened a few years ago. By night, he is one of Sydney’s most notorious party boys until he jumps off a hotel roof into a wading pool and nearly kills himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Esha K (au) wrote: Well... Hollywood is a fan of glorifying the criminals.,... Bonnie & Clyde, Public Enemy and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid should be prove enough... This is no exception... However, what is different from the others is that this movie unashamedly tries to become more about the love and the chemistry between Tommy and Rose and less about the actual crime... Really loved the ending, without even a single drop of blood or a single gunshot heard, it portrays the poignant ending of the Duo... No spoiler here... You should know the story before watching this movie...

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Bill R (gb) wrote: A cheap b movie cashing in on the 'reality/lost footage' horror that seems to be in as of late. Acting was bad at points and the leader of the 'religious' group annoyed the hell out of me. Had a few moments of jumping but not all too scary. Not a bad watch if your into lower b movies.

Garrett F (br) wrote: A charming, funny, sweet and imaginative new Christmas classic! Highly recommended!

Elisa S (es) wrote: love the actorlove the directorAND its part of a two movie thing, both sides of pearl harbor

Sarah F (us) wrote: i would like to see this

Priyu K (kr) wrote: One of the worst movie ideas ever presented, saved only by the fact that the captain of the luxury cruise ship was John Malkovich. Not only did he attempt to charm the ladies and fail, he gallantly offered to swim back to the ship and save the woman and the child left on board after the discovery of an explosive, and he gave a memorable "oh shit" after it blew up. A dazzling performance.

Yash B (mx) wrote: Straight to dvd sequel doesn't really have much to offer besides the same type of plot except with a different sport. I guess kids would probably enjoy it more but there isn't anything really new here.

Angel M (kr) wrote: I liked this one,, it's not thaaaat bad


Bruce B (ca) wrote: Fairly entertaining but it's annoying how much the movie exaggerates hockey. It makes hockey look like a barbaric sport with a bunch of cheap shots and refs that do nothing about it.

MrMimo S (mx) wrote: from the dvd picture i knew that this film is bad

William T (gb) wrote: Political satire at its best. Charlie Wilson's War is as hilarious as it is intelligent.

Jared L (de) wrote: One of, if not, Depp's best role ever. Enough said.

Rich G (us) wrote: This is the worst movie that I've ever seen, period.Anyone who enjoyed it, I'm sorry but you must seriously check your brain function. Perhaps you were watching under the influence of something.

Loren R (es) wrote: Bei diesem Film merkt man schon das Quentin Tarantino und Eli Roth involviert sind!Denn das Wunschprojekt von RZA, wo er auch selber noch Hauptdarsteller ist, ist gespickt mit dem gleichen Stil vom Tarantino.Eigentlich ein Kill Bill, nur mit einem mnnlichen Rcher besetzt.An und fr sich ist die Geschichte nicht bel: Gute Gags, blutige Kmpfe (die natrlich wieder vllig bertrieben sind), Schnelle Schnitte und Hip Hop Musik. Leider verspricht der Film auch nichts Neues. Die Story bringt eigentlich auch nur das, dass was schon frher im Fernseher gekommen ist. Der Film ist mehr oder weniger nur gut, wegen den Schauspieler. Sonst htte ich den Film gar nicht beachtet.Fazit: Gute Darsteller, die sich in einer sinnlosen Geschichte, gegeneinander die Kpfe einschlagen!