Rubin and Ed

Rubin and Ed

Reclusive Rubin Farr teams up with vocal but unsuccessful multi-level salesman Ed Tuttle on a quest to bury Rubin's dead cat in the "perfect spot." Their trip takes them across Utah's desert where they have run-ins with Ed'd ex-wife Rula and an elusive Andy Warhol critic.

Reclusive Rubin Farr teams up with vocal but unsuccessful multi-level salesman Ed Tuttle on a quest to bury Rubin's dead cat in the "perfect spot." Their trip takes them across Utah's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant S (mx) wrote: A behind-the-scenes look at Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. No voice-overs, no commentary, no editorials, yet it works. Serves as a record of what goes into a presidential campaign, the events within that campaign, and how history is created.

Sam S (br) wrote: We have all heard the phrase, ?It?s a bird, it?s a plane, it?s Superman!? Well take this quote, replace the character Superman, with a dog, create a plot centered for children, and you?ve got Underdog. The movie, Underdog, directed by, Fredrik Du Chau, is an overall mimic of the classic superhero phenomena, Superman, but in its own way delivers a message to children to never give up. As everyone knows, Superman, also known as Clark Kent, was sent from the plant Krypton, where he gained superhero powers such as flying, laser vision, and his inability to be harmed. Well, Shoeshine by day, Underdog by night, possesses the same powers and characteristics. This ordinary beagle gained his super powers from a laboratory experiment gone wrong. He was taken in my Dan Unger, a normal citizen of Capitol City, much like how Clark Kent was taken in by the Kent?s, who were just simple farm folk. Superman and Underdog both put on a red suit and a blue cap when they go out to save the world in order to protect their identities. Let?s not forget one of the most important similarities between the two heroes, their romances. Lois Lane is Clark Kent?s true love, but she is fixated on Superman. The same goes for the cocker spaniel that Shoeshine adores, Polly. In order for Shoeshine to get Polly?s attention, he must put on his Underdog suit and be heroic. One of the only differences between these heroes is the obvious fact that Underdog is a canine. Something the director does to make Underdog more entertaining for the younger audience and more humanlike in comparison to Superman is give him the ability to speak to humans. Throughout the film, Superman, as well as any other movie in the super hero genre, the overall purpose is to entertain the audience, but they also have an underlying meaning. The majority of the time, their meaning is to never give up. Superman never allowed evil to harm others, Batman always protected Gotham City, and Spider-man always protected his beloved family. These movies demonstrate this message in a variety of ways. For instance, Superman portrays this message by causing problems and forcing Clark Kent to preserve. The same goes for Underdog, the message delayed to the audience through the use a canine as the main character. By making the superhero a dog, it demonstrates to children how anyone, including animals, can keep moving forward. Within any superhero film, the heroes are faced with adversity, and through their determination to help others and defeat evil, they are able to overcome. Especially within the film, Underdog, it is evident that this canine superhero does not give up. Even when Shoeshine?s powers are stripped from the evil scientist, he still finds a way to protect the citizens of the beloved Capitol City. Aside from his obvious super heroism accomplishments, Shoeshine also overcomes ordinary obstacles. When he is first taken in, Dan Unger?s son, Jack, has trouble adapting to Shoeshine?s presence, especially when he realizes that Shoeshine has the ability to speak to humans. But Shoeshine utilizes his unusual abilities to connect with Jack. For instance, when Jack discovers Shoeshines superhero powers, they work together in order to help save Capitol City. Jack puts together Shoeshines costume, he also seeks out crime within the area, and at the end, comes to the rescue when Shoeshine?s powers are taken away. Overall, the director of this childhood superhero film does a good job of conveying the message of never giving up, even in the face of adversity. As stated before, Underdog and Superman have an uncanny resemblance. Their powers were not inherent, but rather bestowed upon them, they both put on their red suit and their blue cap when they save the world, and their love interests are fixated on their alter egos. Although these two films do have obvious similarities, they also have underlying similarities as well. Both films influence their audiences to never give up. This goes for any superhero film, but Underdog does a good job of delaying this message specifically to children.

Kurt F (br) wrote: 8/16/13 Amy Adams IS this film. Without her character, I don't think there would be enough there. Her character is funny as well as being very endearing in her naivety. I think that this film will have much more powerful if you have had a child (especially recently). So the story probably had more impact for me. It is mainly a character portrait, so don't expect too much to happen, but this is inconsequential considering that the story and characters are good enough to carry the film.

Anthony S (ag) wrote: Eh. I loved it tbh. I usually only watch paranormal scary movies and don't really care for gore and scares for the sake of it so I it was my kind of movie. But there were a lot of questions I had after watching why did Sarah take drugs after seeing herself on the EVP Tv. Like that entire hotel scene was very confusing. I didn't understand why he was drugging her at a hotel. Other than that I really liked the movie.

Suie B (jp) wrote: love it! ace boogie ( wood harris) my man

Clay B (nl) wrote: 8 HEADS IN A DUFFEL BAG (1997)

Travis M (kr) wrote: Bushwhacked just proves that Daniel Stern needs a co-star right beside him in order for him to provide us with a good performance. This film just had some lame characters with a pretty lame story.

David L (kr) wrote: Its story and of course ending are conventional, But Baby Boom is a cliche done right thanks in large part to Diane Keaton who absolutely steals the show and thanks to an amiable story that warms your heart, no matter how cliched it is. It is a feel good film which is never more than that, but it is also a comedy that doesn't feel dated despite being released in a decade that is notorious in that aspect.

Lisa S (ca) wrote: There are some very very funny scenes in this movie, it's like Wall Street if it were a black comedy where all the brokers were jumping out of windows. This movie would be great if not for things like the editing, director, and the beginning of the movie. I couldn't believe the beginning; the movie has DeVito and Moranis, who are the funniest guys in the movie (so far in the beginning), and they both die right away! This movie is deceptive that way, putting their names on the box and then killing their characters before you even get to know them. Overall, I'd say see this film if you are either a businessman or a Judge Reinhold fan (that's my reason for seeing this) , if not, you will find this movie just mildly funny.

Josef H (jp) wrote: After reading Bruce Beresford's diaries it felt appropriate to take a look at his early films, having shaped Australian cinema in the 70s and 80s. Puberty Blues is a good hearted film, though is let down by poor performances and a lazy script. Fairly forgettable despite its powerful Australian vibe.

Juliana C (mx) wrote: Such a wonderful movie! Margaret plays very well, as always! I love the fact that in this movie Miss Marple mentions Agatha Christie's books as the source of her imagination. I wish this movie was in colors.

Randy P (it) wrote: Using WW2 and Black comedians for a thrill in a supposedly zombie film, does not work!

Red L (ca) wrote: My wife makes me watch DD. Too bad that this was Jennifer Grey's defining role as an actor. It is a movie I don't mind watching over. I like the music, and the story is uplifting. Interesting comment by Mr Kellerman that this style of holidays is losing popularity.

Daniel A (au) wrote: Very early Jonathan Demme. Not a bad movie, but the last 1/3 doesn't hold the suspense and paranoia of the first 2/3. Really kind of peters out by the end, but does manage to regain some of the emotion at the very end. The score is excellent and really adds to the mood in a lot of places. Scheider and Margolin are great, and there are a lot of interesting cameos and bit parts in this one from actors who went on to have great careers...