Strange killings occur at Ruby's drive-in theatre, sixteen years after the murder of her gangster boyfriend.

Sixteen years after Ruby Claire's gangster boyfriend was shot and killed by four associates, a series of gruesome murders takes place at the drive-in movie theatre she now owns. Meanwhile, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Farah R (mx) wrote: Ryan Phillippe gives a really good performance as an abducted actor. It's so intense and suspenseful, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Cameron T (jp) wrote: Actually, I enjoyed this one.A fresh rating of 60% "A great improvement over the 4th one, Home Alone: The Holiday Heist has better writers, so we get more laughs."

Jamin M (fr) wrote: I like this movie. The story is well written, the dialogue is fun, and it has its funny moments. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis do wonderful jobs at making Dylan and Jaime likeable characters. You look at these two and you really want them to be together because they get along so well. The film is kind of predictable and formulaic, but the chemistry between Dylan and Jaime is strong enough to carry the film by itself. Friends With Benefits isn't a great rom com, but an decent one.

Matt S (de) wrote: This supernatural/horror movie was way too ambitious for its own good considering it's very limited budget, talent and the story was just too over their heads, I've just seen way too many movies like it and most of them are way better than this mess. The only part that I liked was the creepy dream sequence in the beginning that makes you think that this might be a pretty good and spooky flick but I was dead wrong. It pretty much went nowhere terrifying from there and it was like a broken record going around in a pretty generic and boring path that lost my interest but I stuck it out waiting for something better but it never came through for me. It's a shame because judging from the trailer it looked like it was going to be one scary flick but I should know by now not to judge a movie by it's trailer but was so much looking forward to this flick, I'm very disappointed in the poor performance on display here. Overall this was pretty much a huge failure on all counts and very generic through and through, this could of been so much better if it was in the right hands. Not recommended!!! More of a 1.5 out of 5 stars.

Paul D (au) wrote: This is perhaps over the top as a people watching film as there is hardly a story or anything to get excited about, but the style of the film is very interesting. All the shots are framed the same, mostly at 90 degree angles to the environment with no camera movement. The dinstinct lack of pace it employs compliments that of the town's throughout.

Blaise (it) wrote: Great. This film has several great fight scenes. There is a chinese guy that can crawl around on the walls like a spider and Seagal kicks his ass with a lab coat.The crates have to be sealed according to customs specifications.

Andrew L (au) wrote: Lacklustre and forgettable biopical drama

Kevin K (nl) wrote: The first 90 minutes of the movie are utterly terrible. It's stupid people getting into trouble for doing stupid things and failing to get out of trouble because they're too stupid. The last 20 minutes are decent but in no way justify sitting through the first 90.

Jeffrey S (nl) wrote: This movie had some interesting aspects. It is not my favorite Wes Anderson movie for a couple reasons however. First, unlike his other movies, such as The Life Aquatic, of Grand Budapest Hotel, this takes place in a more stationary place, a house. This, I feel, inhibits Anderson's iconic rambunctiousness. We are confined, instead of exploring the world he has created in this movie, to explore merely one house. Yet, this brings me to another point. Because of the lack of a wild setting, Anderson is focusing more on the characters development. This lends a certain nuance to every actor's style in this movie. Much more than his other movies, these nuances seem to add to a sense of broader meaning, Anderson's take on a dysfunctional family.

Anthony D (kr) wrote: Setting: VERY 90sCharacters: 1-Dimensional. Basically take the first few minutes of breakfast club and stretch it out to movie length.Plot: Taming of the ShrewDirecting: OkActing: Great!

Luc L (es) wrote: Forgotten but modestly entertaining adventure drama with good performances by Biehn as a brash district attorney named Taylor and Craven as a sensitive, thoughtful man named Harold. Two best friends, who have one thing in common, the love of climbing mountains. When Harold saves the life of a billionaire Claiborne (Raymond J. Barry) and some of his fellow mountaineers. Daredevil Taylor asks, what's the billionaire next expedition. Since Claiborne wants to climb K2. Taylor convinces Claiborne that he should come with him along with Craven to claim the mountain. Once they go to their expedition, it is harder and tougher than expected. Also the friendship of Taylor and Harold's friendship is put to the test. Director Roddam have some suspenseful moments and it is spectacular shot as well. The movie does try hard to avoid chich (C) as much as possible. There is a few touching moments as well. I have the european DVD of this film with the original intended music score by Hans Zimmer. Which the American U.S. version had an different score

Alex r (es) wrote: Eye of the Needle is a well constructed, entertaining dramatic thriller with a great cast. Donald Sutherland plays a German spy who has vital information on D Day, and he is trying to get out of Britain. The film keeps you engaged from start to finish and the cast do a fine job in their performances. Director Richard Marquand crafts a terrific film that has a wonderful story, and should appeal to any movie fan. This is enjoyable entertainment for what it is and it manages to be an effective thriller, one that is very memorable. At times the film has weak points, but there's enough good material presented on-screen to make this one worth seeing. I really enjoyed the film, and this is among the best thrillers of the early 1980's. With a great plot, good cast and constant thrills, director Marquand overcomes the film's weaknesses to convey a film that no viewer will soon forget. Richard Marquand would go on to conclude the Star Wars trilogy with Return of the Jedi, but we see hints of a great director who knows how to keep his viewers satisfied and interested. Eye of the Needle is a well crafted film, one that will appeal to genre fans and to other viewers looking for a well constructed, well acted picture. I've seen many films with Donald Sutherland, and The Eye of the Needle is one of his best films that I have seen due to his on-screen presence and his well written character. The film could have been reworked slightly, but most of the time, it succeeds at being a terrific film that in my opinion is a must see due to its plot, acting and effective directing. I found this film to be quite underrated and it's far better than what most critics have said about it.

Gavin P (au) wrote: I'm not sure what this film was meant to be! It's listed as a "cosmic comedy", but I don't think I laughed once! Sure, it's early 70's sci-fi, but a beach-ball alien, really? There's low budget, and then there's this! Nothing of consequence really happens and it's all a bit pointless, with no character development. The ending's ironic, but can't save the film.

Jeremiah H (us) wrote: In my opinion Powell and Loy are the greatest on screen duo in the history of film. This isn't a great film, but those two make it well worth watching.

Antonius B (us) wrote: A lot of people note that director Sergei Eisenstein was ahead of his time with his 'film montage' technique, used so effectively in the massacre scene on the steps of Odessa, but it should also be noted that he captures brilliant images throughout this movie. It's certainly worth watching as a result, and is probably a must for students of film. However, what undoubtedly stirred emotions in 1925 - possibly sympathy for the communist movement, or fear of inciting revolutionary thoughts given the mutiny that takes place on the Potemkin, or squeamishness at the moments of violence (all of which contributed to the film being banned in many countries, including the Soviet Union!) - is less impactful ninety years later. It also suffers for being a propaganda film, with less nuance in its characters and plot.

Zack L (mx) wrote: I loved this movie. Futuristic and the robot was very funny! Good movie to watch!