Fact and fiction are combined in this story about Jack Ruby and a stripper, Candy Cane, and how they become involved in a conspiracy to kill J.F.K.

An exploration of certain conspiracy theories surrounding the JFK assassination from Jack Ruby's perspective. Ruby owns a run-down strip club in Dallas, and does what he can for credibility... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kelsey G (br) wrote: Amazing film for everyone. Great for those looking for cool tricks and undeniable action. Makes you think and feel at the same time as you see the damage of estranged relationships and the power of rebuilding them through forgiveness and what can be accomplished.

Noreen R (de) wrote: Interesting subject albeit a titch slow moving. I liked how there's 3 stories unfolding. Makes you wonder how they all connect but they do.

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Ashley H (ca) wrote: Carousel is a decent film. It is about a guy who asks for permission to be sent down "from above" for one day to try and make amends for mistakes he made in life. Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones give good performances. The script is okay and drags a little bit. Henry King did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture but not one of my favorite Rogers and Hammerstein musical.

Austin W (br) wrote: i dont care what people say its not a true zombie movie. when you become infected you become a made killing machine, not a member of the undead

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