Ruggles of Red Gap

Ruggles of Red Gap

In this comedy of an Englishman stranded in a sea of barbaric Americans, Marmaduke Ruggles (Charles Laughton), a gentleman's gentleman and butler to an Earl is lost in a poker game to an uncouth American cattle baron. Ruggles's life is turned upside down as he's taken to the USA, is gradually assimilated into American life, accidently becomes a local celebrity, and falls in love along the way.

An English valet brought to the American west assimilates into the American way of life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike M (fr) wrote: I seldom see a spoof movie that catches me off guard as this did. It was laugh out loud funny and had me in stitches through most of the film. The range of the female lead, who plays the straight character perfectly to the two male leads' chemistry to the hilarious character Chuck are all awesome. The fact that they did this with virtually no budget impressed me. Everyone was good and you could taste the improv, must have been a fun film to be in! Go see it!

Wrik S (jp) wrote: Simple but sincere effort... The script was too loose, or else, not a bad story..

Don S (es) wrote: Made for television movie starring one of the Pretty Little Liars cast (Lucy Hale). Better than I thought it would be, but still formulaic and chintzy. Though there is nothing new here, this tale of battling sororities has enough going on to hold your interest and some decent acting. I can honestly say I enjoyed it.

Matthew B (au) wrote: A sorority prank gone wrong leads to a bloody murder spree in this slasher film featuring Rumer Willis, Audrina Patridge, and Carrie Fisher. It was supposed to be a practical joke, but no one was laughing after a girl in the prime of her life had been accidentally murdered. Desperate to go on with their lives and avoid taking responsibility for their actions, the surviving sisters and their male accomplice agree to dump the body and never speak of the incident again. This movie was a stupid horror flick with nothing to like in it, and is it just me or this movie reminds me of that film called i know what you did last summer.

Cody L (de) wrote: Great story and great performance by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Francisco F (ru) wrote: Une belle maitrise de la mise en scene ne compense pas un scenario assez banal.

Dave J (nl) wrote: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 (1990) Money DRAMA "Frank Cimballi (Eric Stoltz) is a 21-year-old rich kid who goes to claim his inheritance only to find it's been embezzled by his father's former business partners." -RT Seen this one a long time ago on the late night cable television and was quite surprised that upon renting the VHS copy from my rental video store at the time, that the VHS copy was alot shorter and less effective than the version I saw from television which even had commercials throughout, but was completely uncut and unedited! Anyways, great musical score and quite catchy as well as the atmosphere and storytelling makes this one a winner! And by the way, I have no idea what version this DVD copy consist of, if there is ever was one! 3 out of 4

Bradley M (nl) wrote: Charming and inspiring; watch as Paul Dooley completely steals the show as the complaintive and self-absorbed father. Very funny.

James T (ca) wrote: Well. To put it simply this is a straight out copy of The Legend of Boggy Creek. Except for the title which is an obvious take on Creature from the Black Lagoon.Two scientists travel to Louisiana (instead of Arkansas) to look for a Big Foot creature in the swamps. It doesn't have the mockumentary style of the Boggy Creek and as it follows university scientists rather than the citizens this film actually has more in common with Boggy Creek 2 including the bearded swamp hermit and the mistrusting small town locals. However this film was made almost a decade before Boggy Creek 2.It's not surprising you get to see very little of the creature until the very end. Scenes with the monster are very spaced out, most of what you see is silhouettes and glimpses of fur. Then when you do see the creature you're bound to laugh out loud. The ape suite is so bad they should have just kept it in the shadows.So there's not much to say about this film other than I though Boggy Creek was better and I suggest you watch that instead of this or at least watch Boggy Creek before you watch this one.

Bill B (br) wrote: This was something that I recall being in heavy rotation on our local Fox affiliate when I was a kid, back before they had much in the way of network programming and left the locals to fill the tie with whatever they could turn up. It's still a lot of fun in a big dumb action movie kinda way, and I'd say it's worth another look if you have the chance.Rental?

Carlos Z (it) wrote: Lots of blood and guts. Its not the best plot.