A happy little potter is approached by a huge hand which wants him to sculpt its statue. The potter refuses, wanting nothing more than to be left alone with his only friend, a potted plant....

A happy little potter is approached by a huge hand which wants him to sculpt its statue. The potter refuses, wanting nothing more than to be left alone with his only friend, a potted plant.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher S (br) wrote: better than I thought it would be

Andrew M (ag) wrote: If you've seen one Disney sports drama, you've pretty much seen them all in terms of story structure, and the studio's latest entry into the unofficial canon, Million Dollar Arm, is no exception. With that said, the film is a breezy fun time that will be hugely enjoyable for anyone who finds the formula to work for them. The true story of two Indian young men who come from nowhere to become major league contenders is expectedly inspirational and rather heartwarming, all without being overtly so in terms of the latter. There's plenty of moments that will be eye roll inducing for viewers allergic to that kind of sentimentality, but this formula, for all of its tropes, works quite well every time (I'm not gonna lie, the last ten minutes or so almost had me tearing up). The acting here is solid: despite his character's often unlikeable personality, Jon Hamm is a charismatic lead and delivers a good performance, and the likes of Alan Arkin, Aasif Mandvi, Bill Paxton, and Lake Bell make for solid supporting performances. The standouts here are the two Indian pitchers, played by Life of Pi's Suraj Sharma and Slumdog Millionaire's Madhur Mittal, as well as Pitobash Tripathy, who plays an Indian baseball fanatic who aides Hamm's J.B. Bernstein. All three have solid moments of hard-hitting acting, but they really shine in their charm and deadpan humor in the fish-out-of-water role.If the Disney sports formula doesn't work for you, Million Dollar Arm certainly won't convert you. But, for anyone looking for a heartwarming time or a simple good time to watch on a whim, it'll be a home run.

Jesse F (mx) wrote: This one is a lot more sleazy than it's predecessor, which works so much better than it had any right to. I loved it.

Matthew A (de) wrote: Way better than I was expecting!

Stefano C (nl) wrote: Lento e piuttosto lungo, di sicuro alcune delle sotto-trame non vengono approfondite, ma se si ha la pazienza di seguirlo tutto e di ragionarci sopra si ha la sensazione di un prodotto valido ed interessante: un film psicologico e ricco di atmosfera, che negli ultimi 20 minuti riesce ad inquietare genuinamente anche senza fantasmi dai capelli neri :)

Kuan M (es) wrote: Don't waste your time.


Stuart K (gb) wrote: Directed by Ronald Neame (The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1969), Scrooge (1970) and The Poseidon Adventure (1972)), and adapted from a story by Sidney Carroll. This comedy caper is very funny and has some very good performances in it. Nothing is what it seems here, and just when it seems like it's going to be a straight-forward heist film, it then pulls the rug out from under your feet, and turns everything on it's head. Cat burglar Harry Dean (Michael Caine) travels to Hong Kong with his partner in crime Emile (John Abbott) and approach showgirl Nicole Chang (Shirley MacLaine) to help them in one of their schemes, as she bears an uncanny resemblence to the late wife of Ahmad Shahbandar (Herbert Lom), the richest man in the world. Harry has the plan to steal a priceless statuette from Shahbandar's apartment in the Arab republic of Damuz. However, Harry had the perfect crime all planned out in his head, what he didn't count on was how unpredictable Nicole would be, and that Shahbandar wouldn't be suspicious from the start. Everything that can go wrong for Harry, does go wrong. It's a very silly little caper, but it has a very light and bubbly feel to it, and there are some good laughs to be had along the way. It was a good idea putting Caine and MacLaine together, as they make a good duo in this film, and it does have fun with the narrative structure, especially in the first 20-30 minutes.

William W (jp) wrote: I greatly enjoyed this, my first of the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan films, and cannot wait to see more of the twelve. It's certainly one of the most entertaining and fun series, right up there with The Thin Man films. Brenda Joyce makes a fine Jane.

Lora R (de) wrote: I thought this movie's name is Shelter, but then found out the US (English) title is called 6 Souls.The movie was good and intriguing. It had a few jumpy moments, which I liked. The plot development was interesting but it got confusing towards the end. The writers and the director didn't explain clearly why "Adam" behaves like he does and what his purpose is on earth. His reverend past was quite confusing too and should have been explored more. Those are the only things that annoyed me about this movie.The cast was good and Julianne Moore acted well as in all of the movies I've seen of her. Jonathan Rhys Meyers performed well too with the different accents and characters.

Mark M (jp) wrote: The original Planet of the Apes franchise comes full circle with J. Lee Thompson's Battle for the Planet of the Apes, but if the film proved anything, it would be the risk of over-saturation by rehashing the same movie - albeit packaged with a different wrapping paper and ribbon - over and over again, without a good gap in between release dates for the audience to take a breather.

Felipe F (ca) wrote: Ron Howard and Russell Crowe work well together in Cinderella Man, an underdog biopic arguably uplifting.

Marko O (kr) wrote: Not nearly as funny as I thought it would be.

Austin B (au) wrote: a great 80's action throwback. Fun film