Teachers in a rural school, happy couple Fiona and Dom have a common passion: Latin Dancing. One night, after a glorious dance competition, they have a car accident and see their lives turn upside down. Rumba or how optimism and humour can overcome fatality!

Teachers in a rural school, happy couple Fiona and Dom have a common passion: Latin Dancing. One night, after a glorious dance competition, they have a car accident and see their lives turn... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rolando U (es) wrote: Cow sh!t, I mean bull sh!t.

Danu R (es) wrote: Kind of old school horror. Enjoyed it a lot.

Russell G (nl) wrote: It only goes up until 1976, but don't let that stop you from checking out this music documentary. You know you're in for something special when Rock isn't covered until around part 10. To say this is exhaustive is an understatement. While it is biased in it's look, perhaps giving a bit more attention to British artists then is deserved, the sheer amount of amazing performance footage, both archival and recorded for this series, makes this an absolute must see for anyone with a passing interest in modern music.

Calvin W (br) wrote: The film left a minor warm emotional mark within my soul, and yet it should because the story drove poor Harvie into the ground with bad luck. Even with such bad luck the character wins our heart through his compassion and life lessons.

Augustine H (au) wrote: Dr Kinsey is a respectable man. What he achieved and contributed are invaluable. Great performance from Liam Neeson.

Matt B (gb) wrote: Mike Figgis, what were you thinking?! Cold Creek Manor is one of the dumbest thrillers ever made. There are ZERO plot twists. It's predictable to a fault. The piano score is laughably awful. There are so many far-fetched moments that are impossible to believe. How could a guy get over a dozen poisonous snakes into a house without getting bitten? How could a guy drag a dead horse into a pool? Mike Figgis made a much better movie called Leaving Las Vegas. See that instead.

Alex K (gb) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Laura E (es) wrote: Gotta see it 'cause of Leisha Hailey that is my fav character from the L word, very deep and emotional.

Blake P (mx) wrote: The best thing about "My Own Private Idaho" is the way it so sure-handedly captures the lifestyle of the drifter. Its main characters depending on the kindness of strangers to make ends meet, the film might have, in different hands, been a depressing, slice-of-life character study with few likable characteristics besides its acting. But because it is a film directed by Gus Van Sant, whose body of work has frequently crawled under the guise of the avant garde, "My Own Private Idaho" is a mercurial but touching drama far more affecting than a film as experimental as this one would be expected to be. The depicted drifters are hustlers, wandering the streets day and night in hopes to turn a couple of tricks for quick money. One is Mike (River Phoenix), a homosexual whose existence is incessantly tormented by a relentless search for his long lost mother and a severe affliction of narcolepsy. The other is Scott (Keanu Reeves), a child of wealth who takes to the streets for the sole purpose of rebellion. Both pimp themselves out to whoever calls, most being men, though Scott obsessively assures us that he's straight, only willing to please male callers if money awaits him. We can see that Mike is in love with Scott, and maybe Scott would admit to loving him too if he weren't so convinced that working as a prostitute is only a temporary vocation. He'll inherit his father's money when he's twenty-one, he explains. But these young men are much too caught up in self-discovery to really mean anything they say or do - "My Own Private Idaho" is like a journey, us acting as voyeurs as they travel from customer to customer, as they travel around the Washington/Oregon area, and even to Italy in search of Mike's mother, whom he believes will mystically be awaiting him somewhere random with open arms. Considering the way its story is as arbitrary as its characters are, I cannot stand by the conviction that "My Own Private Idaho" is much more than a better-than-average art house flick. But that's still a significant achievement, considering how much it haunts us on a humanistic level in light of the way so much of its aesthetic is more arty than anything Godard's '60s could have ever dreamed of. Van Sant's writing and direction is enthusiastically off-kilter, frivolously (if somewhat illogically) funny in some places and heavy in others, and adeptly portrays the lives of these characters as being both humorously without aspiration and troublingly tragic. Phoenix and Reeves are similarly proficient, masterfully portraying potentially unplayable (in terms of realism, that is) characters with enough demureness to keep their ingenuity intact, despite them working in perhaps the most innocence destroying field of all. Phoenix, quiet and sensitive, prodigiously captures Mike's demons, no matter how chucklesome, how desperate, they might seen. Reeves brings an ironic, comic edge to his performance, Scott's laments ridiculously dim in their wit but delivered by Reeves with total seriousness. So while "My Own Private Idaho" is decidedly imperfect, its story told with too much experimental looseness to profoundly deter our emotions, we cannot help but be taken by Van Sant's risky approach, by the subtly superb performances from Phoenix and Reeves. Who knew a tale about street hustlers could be such a trip?

Makiba G (ru) wrote: I want DVD movie the kids

Luis R (kr) wrote: good action. six of my favorite fighters

Stephen C (fr) wrote: Chabrol is best known for his thrillers in the Hitchcock mould . But this film is a radical departure from earlier classics like Le Boucher and Que Bete mer. A gang of terrorists simply called Nada kidnap a US senator and drag him to there country hideout. Meanwhile the police close the net leading to a bloody shoot out. Sounds straightforward but in a master like Chabrols Hands the film becomes a totally different beast. The police here are just as bad as the gang,and use all kinds of extreme measures to gain the location of The ambassador. Eventually the police will result to murder . The film caused a great stir on it Initial Screening in France , and is still one of the best critiques on how even the state is willing to make sacrifises so that justice can be served. Its possibly one of Chabrols best films

John S (de) wrote: Our Hospitality is one of Buster's most clever films (oddly enough, he didn't write it) but not one of his funniest. The first half of the film starts off fairly slow, and I have to admit it was slightly disappointing as a comedy. I actually had to double check to see if this film actually was a comedy during the first part of the film. The satire is smart and funny and all, but unfortunately a majority of the humor feels a bit dated and bland. The latter half of the story is mostly amusing, but the entire plot itself isn't the most invigorating. Overall, it's not a bad film, any fan of Buster will enjoy themselves. It's got some great funny moments, but the humor and storytelling feels inconsistent and may feel a bit uncomfortable to some.

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (de) wrote: Good movie, good story.