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Ugo C (fr) wrote: I liked it a lot better than I tot I would. Especially the (rather timid, by Hollywood standard) sex scenes. There were, however, some part of the book I wish made to it to the movie - especially the part abt the braided head in the train from Kano bit. Oh, Kanene was exactly like how I picture Chimamanda is in real life

Jorge R (ag) wrote: Vamos a ver...algo nordico ahora

Mario M (mx) wrote: I read the book, and I think the movie respects the plot and is well directed and acted, specially by Waltz. He is going to be nominated every time he plays a mean bastard.

Raymond S (mx) wrote: i give it 1 and a half for the gore but other wise dumb all around acting sets filming i thought the blair witch project was better and i hated that movie

Alison O (de) wrote: Best in Show: Daniel Craig One for the future: Daniel Craig Stand-out scene: Lighters Brainer or no-brainer: Brainer Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: Repeated DVD commentary any good?: n/a TV A compelling kitchen sink (or rather cafe sink) drama from 2000, this features early roles from the new Bond Daniel Craig and rising star David Morrissey. In a most un-Bond-like role Craig is Ray, recently released from a mental institution. Ray hears voices when he comes off his meds (hence the title) and he initially takes refuge at his brother Pete's tower block home. Pete (Morrissey) is the owner and chef at a greasy spoon (imaginatively monikered Pete's) and through the course of the story we learn that he inherited the business from his father, whose fondness for 'the sauce' ran the business into the ground. Under Pete's management the place is a going concern and Ray's feelings of inadequacy leave him uncomfortable in its surroundings. In a chance encounter on the street as she's chucking out her ex, Ray meets Laura (Kelly MacDonald, now ten years into her flourishing career after her big screen debut in Trainspotting) and the two become an item. When Ray stops taking his tablets, however, he slips into a depression which triggers some bizarre behaviour involving a 'crop circle' of bin bags (arranges while he's stark naked, of course). Daniel Craig flexes his acting muscles impressively here, as does David Morrissey, the director of Craig's breakthrough role in TVs Our Friends in the North, Simon Cellan Jones also helming here. Schizophrenia in all its forms are on display and you never doubt for one moment that Ray is afflicted by the disease. The scene that forms the climax of the movie will have you on tenterhooks for a good few minutes, the power of Craig's performance carrying the scene. I have high hopes for him in the role of Bond and am looking forward to the promised new approach in Casino Royale after the dire Die Another Day. A fine British flick.

Ryan A (ca) wrote: best movie ever. the ship about titanic sank with iceberg

Charles P (it) wrote: The only thing it's more implausible as than a love story is an espionage thriller.

Mike C (gb) wrote: "Those were my friends down there!..."

Paim D (it) wrote: Soo funny, i think Frankie Howard is soooooooooo funny, and joan;s husband at the end, who woulda guessed LOL!

cody f (gb) wrote: In 1968 Otto Priminger decided to take acid and shoot a film, Skidoo is the result. Gleason's a hippie hating ex-mobster and his boss is a Kingpin called GOD played by Groucho Marx. The cast is amazing with music by Harry Nillson. The film is very strange and campy, it's not very good but worth a watch just to see Groucho smoke dope.

Connor G (kr) wrote: This felt absolutely atrocious, both uninteresting and superficial. There was only one really memorable song, and honestly for me, only because it was used as a gag in an episode of Get Smart.

Jason V (es) wrote: Winner of the 5 major categories at the 1935 Academy Awards. It Happened One Night is a timeless romantic comedy that still holds up more then 80 years later.

Pia K (ag) wrote: Ihan ok komedia, vaikka en yleens tykk Jim Carreyn leffoista... (Suom. Taalat taskuun Dick ja Jane)