Rumor Has It...

Rumor Has It...

Sarah Huttinger's return home with her fiance convinces her that the sedate, proper, country-club lifestyle of her family isn't for her – and that maybe the Huttinger family isn't even hers – as she uncovers secrets that suggest the Huttingers are neither sedate nor proper.

A romantic film of Jennifer Aniston follows a couple of lawyer named Jeff Daly and Sarah Huttinger. They make a decision to engage and present themselves to their family. One day, an amazing happened, which Sarah finds out that her present Dad is not her genetic father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura L (ru) wrote: Feels very empty. Even though it presents great acting performances, it's flat and long at times. Intelligent, deep, but notheless flat.

John B (it) wrote: It is a slice of Americana that perhaps most Americans would not want to see but Atsuko clearly finds more in a directionless community than any of the sights and sounds of San Francisco. Wonderful personal interactions between characters who communicate without knowing each others' languages.

Serge L (mx) wrote: Quite boring. We knew already that the english empire was not above all kinds of abuses. So learning that children were used and abused to help its invasions was not too surprising. Maybe a bit shocking that they declared parents dead and children were sold, to further their invasions. But really, do the englishes have it so hard? If they do, they sure make everybody else pay real good. As it should. It's the english way.

David H (kr) wrote: Interesting, few things about form following function, but also about artistic form. Jonathan Ive, although interesting seems a bit errr skaty

William A (gb) wrote: As good as the series

Bill R (nl) wrote: It had it's funny moments and then it seemed to switch mood at the end and kinda killed the entire vibe of the movie. Not a horrible watch though.

Sylvia T (es) wrote: The movie lagged a lot, and aside from being a psycho prozzie murderer, Thora Birch was quite adorable...

Chnie c (us) wrote: play play...............ogd

Remi L (br) wrote: It was interesting to see Bruno from Royal Pains (Campbell Scott) in the role of a bitter paper pusher who gets dumped by his boss and takes to mentoring his nephew (Jesse Eisenberg) in the art of racking up notches in his belt. Eisenberg was absolutely adorable! He had to be the best thing about this film. Scott's character's pontifications (before getting dumped) were pretty fascinating, if not possibly one-sided to gas up potential prospects. It was funny how quickly he switched gears once he was back on the market.

Stephen C (nl) wrote: Hilarious sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay M (us) wrote: haven't seen this in years but it popped in my head the other night while tossing and turning so I bought off Walmart for $5. Might as well watch it now since my internet keeps kicking me off while trying to stream Netflix

Thomas K (fr) wrote: So good that you have to wonder just why this film wasn't "Star Wars" huge. None of these actors will ever be this funny again.

Sterling B (es) wrote: Short on plot and compelling characters, this cheaply made 1980s fantasy features copious female nudity and more attempted rape than any other movie I've seen. Watchable in only a "so bad it's good" way.

Simon T (ru) wrote: So-so Bond, not the worst, certainly not the best. Even the exotic locations look cheap. Matters aren't helped by an anaemic villain (Julian Glover), somnolent direction (John Glen, on his first 007 outing), another very pretty female who can't act (Carole Bouquet), and an unusually dull score from Bill Conti. Roger Moore starts looking his age here, and should have bowed out on Moonraker.

Alberto A (us) wrote: Sometimes the most natural human actions are viewed as unnatural by almost all religions. But eventually, as Simn, people tend to fall into temptation and pleasure. Buuel in "Simn del Desierto" captures the absurdity of religious penitence and the prohibition of mundane pleasures in a short, concise, satirical style.

Christina A (br) wrote: Well now....I didn't see that coming! Good movie....felt kinda like The Hand That Rocks The Cradle w/a twist.