A musical version of the classic story about a miller's daughter who recieves help from a mischievous dwarf, then ends up over her head. Now, she and a mute servant girl may be the only hope for her baby son, John.

A musical version of the classic story about a miller's daughter who recieves help from a mischievous dwarf, then ends up over her head. Now, she and a mute servant girl may be the only ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rumpelstiltskin torrent reviews

Prasanna S (au) wrote: I had a lot of expectations going into this movie. At the very least, I was hoping my 40 drive to watch this movie wouldnt be disappointing. But, it was. The movie has a plot line that is not usual to tamil cinema and this worked in its favor. What didnt work is basically everything else, like the acting, casting, dialogues and ofcourse logic. The most infuriating part of the movie is this weird and irritating relationship between husband and wife. Its almost like they live their life just as we see them on screen, for 3 seconds in the morning as they leave for work and then again for 3 seconds at night when they return home. Anushka shetty plays Vikram's wife in the movie and she believes Vikram is a cop in the rank of Sub-Inspector. Yet it raises no eyebrows that he goes to work wearing a 3-piece suit?? How dumb/ignorant is she? While Santhanam provided a few laughs, the movie overall was a let down and disappointing.

Andreas C (ag) wrote: *facepalm.* who knew just 104 minutes could ruin your favorite type of music.

Ryan M (ru) wrote: a step above first class

Steven K (ag) wrote: excellent movie with good music and display I enjoyed it

PierLuigi F (ag) wrote: The idea was good but everything was wrong. Bad script, bad direction, a lot of weak acting.. everything fall apart and the sense of old and badly stitched together is strong.Avoidable.

Daniele C (nl) wrote: Not bad.7.5/10Review from Italy

Donut Y (de) wrote: If youre a fan of Jackie this is very interesting to watch

Paxton A (ag) wrote: Even the "Recobbled" Cut - closer to William's original intent (and widely available on Youtube) - is a deeply flawed film; questions of completeness aside, it's a weak script only made bearable by fun characters (which, to be fair, are one of its greatest assets, but then again, it coasts on that fact), the Thief simply gets too much of the runtime, and its middle section is brutally unimpressive. But it's so beautifully animated, and such a clear labor of love, that much of that criticism is at least partially alleviated.But this is not that film. This is technically a complete film. And this film is a horrible, horrible tragedy.

Nick A (us) wrote: In a world Infested with Unfunny, Uninspired Shams of Satire like Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, Disaster Movie, Vampires suck, and The Starving Games, Weird Al's Big Screen Debut serves as a reminder of a time when Satire Movies were Actually Good, and with so many Memorable moments and Jokes, along with the Kind of Reality only Weird Al Yankovic could call home, UHF is the Kind of Movie that would be a crime NOT to watch.

Jack S (mx) wrote: Apted mixes it up a bit with a more straightforward format: We visit with one "child" at a time rather than constantly cutting back and forth. Good 'ol East-End Tony has mapped out his life almost as well as the upper-class kids did: predicted he'd be a jockey, and become a cab driver if that didn't work out. His family life seems to have really mellowed him. The black guy now has five (!) kids but is working the same freezer-room job as 7 years prior. Our young missionary-wanna-be still seems like a great guy, now as an East-End teacher. The other teacher is our likable Liverpool lad, though he comes across as cynical. The most annoying of the upper-class kids refused to be interviewed (thank goodness), but so did the most interesting one, who was by then a BBC documentarian. The one who did submit to an interview seems like an OK guy. Overall, the paths seems similar to what was forecast in 21 Up, which is bad news for the Liverpool guy's old buddy: He's now wandering aimlessly in Scotland.

Scott R (nl) wrote: Good idea, it just dragged for me.