Run, Angel, Run!

Run, Angel, Run!

Angel (William Smith), an outlaw biker, sells out his gang by exposing their wild conquests to Like magazine for $10,000. With his photo on the cover, Angel skips town and tries to start over with help from sheep rancher Dan Felton (Dan Kemp). An ex-motorcycle enthusiast, Dan becomes a mentor to Angel, giving him hope for a peaceful future. But Angel must put hope aside when members of his former gang viciously attack Dan's teenage daughter.

Angel, a member of a tough motorcycle gang roaming the Southwest, gets on offer from a major news magazine. In exchange for giving the magazine a big scoop by exposing the inner workings of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francis Rhoan L (fr) wrote: filipino rom-com released on the early quarter of this year. a tough luck for me to have seen it twice. i'm not really an avid fan of local film novelty, it's just that i give myself some gratification over angel locsin's mature and daring roles. the usual filipino movie flick has to offer, the movie trailer tells it all, the plot and the final conclusion, which is very predictable. the cast, well, the main characters was a bit lazy, effortless (not on the bed scene) and sluggish. angel locsin and john lloyd cruz are top product endorsers, their gingery smiles and peppy looks were cut in half in this movie.

Dov D (it) wrote: Director Johannes Roberts has a few genuinely good ideas about this film, but they just don't translate in this movie. The story between the characters was fairly enticing and the creature design inspires, but the rest was just lazy. The dramatic chase and fighting sequences were so dull that the most exciting parts of this film were the interactions between the main characters. With a setting as full of possibilities as a storage unit, I excepted much more from this film. Bottom line, this is a bad, bad movie, but it has a few bright spots other filmmakers can learn from.

Manon M (mx) wrote: Why did I watch this? Honestly - I haven't seen such a boring, glued-together, uninspiring film in a long time...

Des S (kr) wrote: This starts out slow, but it gets a little better as you watch it. I wish the acting would have been better and the story a little more believable, but it was a decent movie to watch.

Don S (ru) wrote: TV thriller/horror movie. Wasn't expecting much, but like Haylie Duff and Lucy Hale. The story is told in flashbacks, which is not a device I enjoy often. However, with the twist in this one - which I was not expecting - it couldn't be done any other way. Nothing original, very little spent on effects and yet I don't feel like I wasted my time. Fair enough movie.

Logan M (ag) wrote: It tries harder to be a torture porn snuff film, than a terrifying slasher thriller.

nijas n (ag) wrote: best movie.. best action... its a must watch movi...

bill s (ru) wrote: If you like violence and more violence and nothing else including much of a script then this is your movie.

Dave W (ca) wrote: In space no one can hear you let the dogs out but if you lay an alien egg inside an actual dog, an alien is going to bust out anf kill the hell out of some people, then one of them SPOILER ALERT is going to commit suicide because the future is bkeak eniugh with out some damn corporation wanting to take an alien back to study. Best uses if fishbowl lenses since gleaming the cube if they used a fishbowl lense in that. I wanted to give Alien 3 3 stars because the bleak nhilism was great but didn't appeal to as mny senses as the first two alien movies. Sadly my smart ohone would nit let me scroll past 2.5 stars. Maybe I should start calling it a dumb phone. Or maybe the jole is on me because I am not using the official Rotten Tomatoes app. I'm a zombie. Whatever, it was a pretty good movie, but the half star just isn't worth it.

Jules W (kr) wrote: I still like this for some reason

Gabriel R (fr) wrote: not as good as the first but still violent as hell.

Angela P (de) wrote: This one is tied with Strike Up the Band as my favorite Rooney/Garland pairing. Mickey and Judy always had a lot of great chemistry together, but I think they really shone particularly brightly in this one. And as an added bonus, there were lots of really great songs.

William W (au) wrote: The earliest and probably best of the three pre-Hollywood films in Kino Lorber's Ingrid Bergman boxed set, as she plays an unwitting homewrecker who thinks she's in love with her musical mentor. A well-told story that shows good directorial talent from Molander. The whole set is recommended for fans of the great actress.

Hannah M (au) wrote: By far not the best of the films Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers did together. In fact, they're hardly in this one, delegated to background characters while far less interesting or appealing ones take the main stage. Altogether, a very forgettable musical.

Samuel M (kr) wrote: Se podra pensar que la primera entrega de la saga fue fruto del azar y no del buen hacer. Esta secuela demostr todo lo contrario. Si la primera nos encontrabamos un perdedor que buscaba una forma de ser alguin vlido, teniendo que enfretarse a la vida y a los que le juzgaban, ahora nos encontramos a un hombre que tiene que aprender a lidiar con el xito fortuito y con aquellos que quieren aprovecharse de l.Podramos argumentar que Rocky II no es tan excelente como su predecesora, pero lo cierto es que como su protagonista, en algunos elementos es ms madura y mejor trabajada y abandona algo de la ingenuidad de su primera parte.

Daniela L (br) wrote: Could have been a decent movie. Started ok but it's nothing but a Jesus freak show.

Greg R (fr) wrote: Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren as Randy and Maria play their parts really well. I will say Woman in Gold is a perfectly fine film, but at the same time, I think once you get into the true story, what really happened, you'll probably find this film is not as strong as it should be. The story and main characters, it does all seem familiar. However, for what it's worth, as a movie, it's a well-made, well-acted film