Run for Your Life

Run for Your Life

Without forewarning the police storm the hospital where Catti has given birth to her and Mikael's child. In the chaos that comes voices are heard that scream "terrorists" and "illegal stay"...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:116 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:nurse,   immigrant,   sequel,  

Without forewarning the police storm the hospital where Catti has given birth to her and Mikael's child. In the chaos that comes voices are heard that scream "terrorists" and "illegal stay"... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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O S (us) wrote: Lower the bar. Even for a low but get student film.

D Z (ca) wrote: Its okay but I've seen far better.

Luciano G (ca) wrote: Its a low budget horror film that gives you exactly what you expect from a film that premiered on Sy-Fy ....ridiculous

Bannan i (mx) wrote: Alrie Jaco, I'll make note of this one.:]


Igor A (kr) wrote: premnogu mi nalikuva na The Strangers so Liv Tyler, so toa sto tuka e Kate Beckinsale, i e izmislena prikazna, a tamu bese vistinska prikazna

Baurushan J (fr) wrote: Although I do feel they are both equally good, the first film had so much potential as a stand alone spy film. The story is about Agent Cody Banks played again by Frankie Muniz whose mission this time is to go to London to track down a sinister double-agent who has invented a mind-controlling machine. He has to hide himself in a private camp where he is working alongside a girl named Emily played by Hannah Spearritt who also happens to be a agent. I liked the idea that its predecessor continued on its creativity with this sequel but it would have been better if they had stopped earlier. Our title hero does look like a potential actor but he has no further career to speak of which is the biggest worry about these two films. Agent Cody Banks 2 - Destination London gets a solid 8.5/10.

Jack C (gb) wrote: This was an ok movie and I could actually stand Lou Diamond Phillips in it which is not always the case. The villian was decent but a tad annoying and Kari Wuhrer was amazing (and nice to look at) she earned the 2 stars for this movie.

Ryan V (nl) wrote: Bacon and Perkins are very good actors and that's what elevates this into watchability. Their charm and chemistry almost manages to make this a good movie.

Peter B (mx) wrote: Precocious Tom still needs a little smoothing, but he and Jackie Gleason create a heart-felt compelling drama with an easy touch. So long, Jackie, and thanks for the laughs!

Aj V (jp) wrote: Want to see Johnny Depp's worst movie? Here it is, one of the worst teen comedies of the decade.

Ian M (au) wrote: I lovely film, and as camp as tits. I do think that Nathan Lane and Robin Williams out-shine these original stars, but this is a great movie.

Kevin R (de) wrote: Do your duty!A group of British soldiers get caught behind German enemy lines during World War I. They weave their way through the trenches encountering few soldiers but lots of dead bodies. The bodies appear to be killed in a way that does not resemble war. Shortly after making the discovery, some of the British troops start disappearing. Will any of the soldiers get out of the trenches alive with this unknown enemy tracking them down?"Thank fuck he's on our side!"Michael J. Bassett, director of Wilderness, Solomon Kane, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, and episodes from the television series Power, Strike back, and Da Vinci's Demons, delivers Deathwatch. The storyline for this picture is interesting, as are the characters in the film, but the horror elements were disappointing and below par. The acting was okay and the cast includes Jamie Bell, Laurence Fox, Kris Marshall, Torben Liebrecht, and Andy Serkis."I'm only twenty and I've already been shot four times."I came across this on Netflix and decided to add it to my queue. I thought this had potential and elements of this film were very good, but the primary plot/horror elements were poorly executed and not that dramatic. Overall, this may be worth watching once off cable but I wouldn't go too far out of my way to see it. "We are alive. We are still alive."Grade: C-

Dillinger P (mx) wrote: If the Norse fantasy, filled with drink, women and demons enchants you, why wouldnt it, then Beowulf may just be worth you time and money. This simple story propels itself with its outlandish action sequences and mythology, that it is quite easy to be whisked away by its charms, much like the films antagonist. In the time of yesteryear when kings ruled the land, monsters and demons plagued the forests and the seas and warrior were rife, King Hrothgar and his kingdom are troubled by Grendel, a violent and gruesome beast that doesnt take kindly to the tunes and soul from the kingdom, decimating all in its path. After one atrocious attack, The King sends a message to all warriors, any man who can kill the Grendel shall receive an almighty treasure. It doesnt take long before Beowulf and his men show up to aid The King, defeating the Grendel and saving the land, however Grendel is the least of Beowulf's worries when his demon mother finds out and strings Beowulf's men up, leaving him no choice but to encounter her. Simple yet effective, the film has a tonne of subtext which is wonderfully woven throughout by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avery's script. The dialogue is hearty and carries a weight to it, the script also knows however when to allow visuals to do the work, and for this Beowul exceeds many an animated film, it doesnt need to spell everything out, even if its easy to get lost in mythology and rather difficult to pronounce names. The cast is super brilliant, Ray Winestone is marvelous as Beowulf, thundering out lines like a warrior, yet managing to emote with a secret and insecure side. Anthony Hopkins does a marvelous job as the king, Hopkins is always magical and here he does what weve come to expect from him, however there are at points time when his dialogue is extremely hard to follow, due to the nature of his hybrid scottish/welch accent. Brendan Gleeson is marvelous and subtle as Beowulf's right hand man, John Malkovich is sinister and marvelous as the cowardly kings aid and Crispin Glover smacks the weird out the park as the Grendel himself. This isnt just a film for the men however as female talent in the form of Angelina Jolie as the seductive demon, Robin Wright as the Queen and Alison Lohman all turn in equally powerful and contrasting roles, adding an even bigger weight to the men's escapeds. The women give the piece a sense of vunerability and hope, it really is testament to great casting and terrific writing. Robert Zemekis also must get a pat on the back for executing such a visually stunning, if not slightly dated CGI adventure, that flings and slides the "camera" into places you need to be. Rather than stick to conventional animation, here Zemekis mixes mo-cap with CGI, giving the whole feel and look a living and breathing element to it. Scenes are made more nail biting with slow tracking shots towards characters as we allow the facial work to emote exactly what is going on and make no mistake about it, this is a pretty dark and disturbing piece. The music steals the show however, for all the good work done visually, the audio is of such a high caliber its impossible not to get goosebumps on the back of your neck, with loud drums, pounding bass and atmospheric strings, it gives a serious sense of scale to the entire thing. For all its wonderment and boldness, the film does lack in a few departments. As mentioned earlier the animation is stunning, even now, however in places it seems mismatched, for example Angelina Jolie's face seems to come across as the most photo realistic out of all, its okay when compared with Winstones gruff exterior but with Grendel and some of the other female models, it really stands out to have had a lot more work done, it feels slightly inconsistent at times, luckily her face is not seen for a massive portion of the film. Her inclusion although essential is also not explained very well, she doesnt have a name, that i heard, were never quite sure what or where she came from, nor what she really is. Why does she have such problems? It's hinted at from time to time but never set in stone. Also the movie time hops a huge chunk of timeline and although it does a grand enough job of holding Beowulfs character arc in the foreground other characters get lost in the shadows. Malkovich, Wright and Lohman all just seem like something huge has went on, however we the viewer were not and never will be privy to that information, its a minor gripe as your imagination can surely fill in the blanks, i for one would have loved to have maybe had some more chunkier support exposition. Also sometimes characters reasoning's can become questionable or even hint at some foreboding subtext that never comes to fruitation, watching this film, i cannot help but feel that there was a much larger film in here somewhere. Despite these niggles, Beowulf is enjoyable, wonderfully epic and full of adventure, it might not make a whole lot of sense for those unaware of the source material and it can some times leave you feeling a bit lost as to character motivations, the animation, execution and acting are all done to a caliber that is hard to dislike.

Carlos I (au) wrote: Umm... not very good. To be fair, I wasn't paying much attention while watching it, but it seemed like a pretty dull action movie... Seeing Van Damme and Kusugi together on screen was cool though.

Ahmed M (br) wrote: Other then the cgi action, the movie doesn't much to offer as even it's story is very bad, and the movie ends up being boring.

Kimmo T (jp) wrote: It was an amazing tale of triumph and how brutal nature can be. It was extremely emotionally heartfelt for me.

Russ B (fr) wrote: 11/25/2016: Considering the epic story, the movie was a bit disappointing. A really good cast, but really not enough character development.