Run & Jump

Run & Jump

After a stroke leaves her husband disabled and fundamentally changed, a spirited Irish wife struggles to keep her family members together. All the while they are under the microscope of an American researcher documenting their recovery process.

An American doctor travels to Ireland to study the Casey family after 38-year-old Conor suffers a stroke which changes his personality, leaving dynamo wife and mother Vanetia to run the show. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donald P (br) wrote: Worth watching, and having grown up in the 60's and seeing things may repeat themselves now.

Perrine B (es) wrote: Revenge gets ugly.Jonah Hex est un chasseur de prime qui n'a plus foi en rien depuis que sa femme et son fils ont t assassins devant ses yeux. Quand l'arme amricaine l'engage pour traquer Turnbull, un terroriste dangereux qui est aussi le responsable de la mort de sa famille, la traque devient alors personnelle. Avec sa mauvaise rputation, je m'attendais au pire avec cette adaptation d'un DC comics inconnu dans nos contres. Mais je me suis bien divertie, et j'ai bien rigol avec le dcalage procur par les armes improbables utilises par les protagonistes. Certes, ceci n'est pas un grand film, mais il ne mrite pas l'acharnement ngatif que les utilisateurs d'IMDB lui infligent. Au vu de sa dure trs courte de 81 minutes, il a trs probablement t bien coup avant la diffusion tl, enlevant alors au passage les lments que les spectateurs de cinma avaient d dtester ? Toujours est-il que les prestations des acteurs sont trs correctes : Josh Brolin en Jonah Hex sans tats d'me, Malkovich en mchant trs mchant, Fassbender surprenant en crapule, et mme Megan Fox (!) dans le rle ingrat de la prostitue (sexy bien sr) amoureuse du hros. En prenant ce film comme un simple moment de dtente, il y a bien moyen de se faire plaisir!

Matthew M (es) wrote: very well written, funnny, and scary at the same time

Perrine B (ca) wrote: l'argent et ses excs, et tout ce qu'il ne peut combler. L'amour de facon tres compliquee pour des jeunes un peu paumes... sombre et direct

Alex K (us) wrote: Steven Spielberg Is My Favorite Film Director Of All Time And John Williams Is My Favorite Film Composer Of All Time.

Justin A (it) wrote: Oh, this was bad. Really, really bad. But at the same time, it's charmingly bad. The entire movie is shot in the middle of nowhere (want to save money? Shoot in the middle of nowhere!) and since they wanted a spooky-looking, dilapidated house, they shot the exteriors of a home that had only like two and a half walls and no ceiling. There were no rooms, as it was literally just walls. So they shot these exteriors, but then went on very cheap sets and shot interiors. It's baffling. I've never seen anything like it. And you would think that they were doing this as some attempt to be funny, like a Troma movie, but no. The movie takes itself 100% serious. The characters are forgettable, and the only reason they're even there is so they can get killed. Seriously, the main character asked a bunch of people to come with him to his grandparents burnt down home, but they don't do anything. He spends most of his time wandering alone. The special effects and makeup are the highlight of the movie, and likely where the shoestring budget went. The demons look like they have terrible acne and plates of spaghetti were just pied to their faces, but they have a unique look to them. When all the mayhem starts, it becomes like most zombie movies. They're trapped in a house, a bunch of the characters do dumb things that make no sense, and everyone dies (not really, but pretty much). There are a few "wtf?" moments that give this movie some added charm, like when a demon is killed and reverts back to being a baby and then turning into a dove. Strange and out of nowhere, but I like that kind of stuff in these bad movies. Makes them more memorable. The movie feels like it would have been perfect for MST3K or Rifftrax. It's ripe pickings to get riffed on. And because of that, I enjoyed the movie. It's bad... really bad. But sometimes those movies can be a lot of fun.

Brian T (mx) wrote: "You farking sneaky bastidge!"

Gonalo M (gb) wrote: "Life is trouble, only death is not. To be alive is to undo your belt and look for trouble"

Laurel S (kr) wrote: I love it.... you just can't go wrong with Cary Grant. AH! How I love that man!

Brett B (ca) wrote: A moody supernatural detective story, there's atmosphere to spare, and Lugosi and Borland make a suitably eerie pair. The plot involves a "twist" that many probably will find hard to buy, but I actually found it pretty inventive and unexpected, at least based on my expectations going in. The film's not as iconic as much of Universal's output from this era (this was an MGM production), but it's solid genre entertainment.

Scott M (nl) wrote: Movie about a group of paranoid and angry real estate salesmen. A lot of dialog and cursing. A lot of angry guys shouting at each other. Jack Lemon is absolutely amazing. He carries the movie. One of my all time favorites.