Run to Me Run from Me

Run to Me Run from Me


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:13 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:love,   lust,   desire,  

An unforgiving candid story of love, lust, desire, and the fluid boundaries of identity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (gb) wrote: Ralph Fiennes leads a cast of seemingly thousands in another fun Wes Anderson adventure. The beginning is like unwrapping a present and finding another present inside. The storytelling and the score are marvelous. The supporting players, many who typically play larger roles are having fun. Not quite on the masterpiece level but darn near close. Final Score: 8.4/10

George C (ru) wrote: Great artwork, shame the film didn't have the same energy... Zombies At Christmas (UK title) looked fun. As an indie film maker I always look out or great indie films and keep my fingers crossed until the last minute. Sometimes though, certain indie films move so slow, my fingers get sore... With the comic timing of a sloth, this little zombie flick deserves to be re-edited as a 25 minute amazing short. And maybe then, it will hold my attention.

Khalid A (es) wrote: Oh man! Reminds me with all the Egyptian action movies.

Dhaniah S (ru) wrote: Very touching, very inspirational. Best of all, it's real, baby.

Todd N (nl) wrote: Not bad. I too am a Rob Schneider fan. He is more of a straight man in this one. Ron Livingston in another role as a world weary guy. Dark comedy.

Alexis (fr) wrote: Disgusting, but watch it with friends.

Dane W (fr) wrote: Better than the other two, the third installment is much more looming and maturing. This is easily the best in the series with vivid story telling.

Corey C (us) wrote: Just about as good as movies get.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: With an unrelatable psychopath at its center and only the strong performances to commend, especially from Tim Roth and Maximilian Schell, this is a failed combination of family drama and crime thriller that falls flat as both, seeming pointless and empty in its poor attempt at saying something.

Russ B (au) wrote: 5/1/2013: Not a great movie, but it had a few funny and cute moments.

Chris G (es) wrote: Big Trouble In Little China is a film where our perceived hero Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) isn't really heroic at all. He's actually a buffoon that's pulled into an extraordinary situation with Wang Chi (Dennis Dun) being the true hero of the film. Jack acts like he knows what he's doing, but he's as clueless as anyone thrown into this situation, making a refreshing look from this fantasy/karate hybrid. The film opens with Jack accompanying his friend Wang to the airport to pick up Wang's love of his life. In the hectic arrival of a loaded airplane, she is kidnapped and after running into Gracie (Kim Catrall), who has some kind of involvement in the situation, Jack and Wang travel to Chinatown in an attempt to save his love, but stumble onto an otherworldly fight by Lao Pan (James Hong) to use the green eyed girl to restore his flesh. A mishmash of kung fu and fantasy follows as they attempt to stop Lao Pan's misuse of Wang's lady. Big Trouble is a fun movie to watch. The film has a great flow to it, even though when examining just the plot itself leaves a kind of clunky feel as you run it through your head. John Carpenter smooths over the rough edges by giving us great visuals (even by today's standards) and very nice acting work, particularly from Russell. As I said before, Jack Burton is not the hero of this film. He's more of a loud mouth that is lost in this underworld of Chinatown and it's a wonderful look at how the presumed hero may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer. It really is a great performance from Russell, cementing his trilogy of John Carpenter films. After revisiting this film a thought occurred to me. With all of the movies that are making a return after being defunct for 30+ years Big Trouble in Little China is a film that I see that could succeed by doing something like this. After 30 years I was still left wanting more from this story and these characters. This is one of these films that makes its own kind of definition and really makes a good impression on a viewer. A fine '80's ditty.

Samya M (au) wrote: Arguably one of the autuer's best !

Graham M (mx) wrote: An average thriller improved by Anthony Hopkins doing a great performance as both Corky and the dummy Fats, and surprisingly, doing ventriloquism and magic too.

Carlos I (es) wrote: Pretty awesome western with a touch of horror element in there, has Bronson as Wild Bill hunting a legendary killer Buffalo. Like Captain Ahab this thing haunts him. Aside from some wonky animatronics at times, it was pretty damn effective. Had lots of fun.

Jc E (de) wrote: Slow bleak and heartbreakingly tender. Hilary Swank played the saintly Mary Bee Cuddy in this period country and western drama who must suffer a life of unrequited love while caring for the outcasts of society. No one could empathise better for the three mad women she promised to ferry to a faraway church in Iowa than Miss Cuddy herself because she too felt the pain of being unloved and unwanted. Like most of us, we dont treasure what is wonderful in front of us until we lose it. So it was with George Brigg (Tommy Lee Jones), a selfish army deserter, whose life he owed to his selfless benefactor Mary Bee, whom he failed and must come to grief and a lifetime of regret for rejecting the kindest and most beautiful woman in his life. But alas, Mary Bee=s tragic departure was not in vain. After her departure, goodness in George Briggs welled up. He gallantly protected and saved the 3 helpless insane women until the end of the mission when he delivered them to the kindly Ministers wife ( Meryl Streep).. Mary Bee Cuddy n heaven must have smiled at that point.

David J (ag) wrote: It was very badly acted and ugly to look at. The action was tame and uninteresting. This film had very little going for it.

Michael D (kr) wrote: Good storyline to teach kids