Rune Klan - Det Blå Show

Rune Klan - Det Blå Show


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Robert S (kr) wrote: What a well done story that hits at so many levels! Imagine finding out that you are suddenly not who you are and this even effects how your loved ones perceive you. Nature, nurture, and more.

Matthew S (au) wrote: While Margarethe von Trotta does an exceptional job at presenting ideas and a somewhat abridged version of Arendt's philosophical ideology, she fails to bring them into what I would consider a cinematic work. Even with an exceptional performance by the always brilliant Barbara Sukowa, this film never really rises above the quality of a made for TV movie. The concepts of "Banality of Evil" is expressed, but the expression never goes far enough to fully stir up a fully enticing film. Arendt's intellectualism is still controversial, but over the years the logic of her argument has become far more focused and understandable. It is too bad that the film doesn't manage to form into something more powerful than what we see.

Monica F (gb) wrote: I expected so much and enjoyed it so little.

Lee M (kr) wrote: Though moderately charming at times, at nearly two hours, it overstays its welcome by showing off all the flaws the same film at 90 minutes might have gotten away with.

Jason K (jp) wrote: According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.

Tim B (es) wrote: awesome insight into some the best horror films from the 70's. It was very interesting to me how they got there motivation and cause I have met a lot of these directors.

Dingleberry P (us) wrote: If it would have been an hour and a half, with more social commentary, it could have been good. Instead it's super long and super pretentious with a shitty soundtrack and filler scenes.

Eli K (gb) wrote: It's not life changing but it's got twists and turns that keep you hooked... and its French.

Marcin M (es) wrote: A very solid but somewhat predictable crime film.

eve (es) wrote: Live every move as if it were your last.

Jason P (mx) wrote: Great fun, vastly entertaining. Make sure you watch it with others for maximum effect.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Jerry Lewis shouts his way through this comedy which has its moments, but too few of them.

Ryan V (mx) wrote: A vindictive scientist (Boris Karloff) breaks out of prison and plans to enact vengeance by resurrecting the Frankenstein monster (Glenn Strange). Poor old Larry Talbot (Lon Chaney Jr.) gets roped into the scheme and there's even a pointless cameo by Dracula (a horribly miscast John Carradine). Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman was a sign that the Universal monster movies had gone back to well a few times too many, but that movie was a hit and I guess the producers assumed that throwing more monsters into the mix was a recipe for success. House of Frankenstein has that sense of atmosphere that these movies are known for, but it suffers from choppy editing, a weirdly-abrupt ending, and an utter lack of fresh ideas. This may be the most disposable sequel in the Universal horror roster.

Tommy D (fr) wrote: Unexpectedly entertaining, this movie is a combination of smart performances and smart arguments.

Calvin R (ag) wrote: Mildly entertaining. Decent concept, but it lacked in a lot of places.

Cylus O (gb) wrote: This movie was rubbish, time I will never get back.

Kyle F (nl) wrote: Just crap with only 12 good minutes of awesome