Running Man

Running Man

Jong-Woo (played by Sin Ha-gyoon) is a poor, beleagured taxi driver with a bad attitude, understandable given the kind of clients he has to deal with. So when one night, a polite, well-dressed man offers an outrageous sum of money to rent the taxi for an extended period, Jong Woo doesn't ask any questions, though he does make rather cheerful and inappropriate conversation with his uninterested charge. It's difficult to blame Jong-Woo for this, given that it takes him some time to realize that he is not the protagonist of a low-brow comedy, but of an action-packed thriller.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Running Man 2013 full movies, Running Man torrents movie

A man who wrongly accused as a murderer know nothing but just running from everyone who want to catch him. Can he reveal the truth before things getting worst? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ronald T (ru) wrote: What a mess of a movie. The story premise had potential, but didn't rise to it. The acting with the exception of Michael Beach was horrid. LOL! (Michael, how did you get yourself involved with this movie?) The editing...SMH. The special effects...SMH. Watch at your own risk. You have been warned. LOL!

Thomas K (es) wrote: If you haven't seen it yet I guess my real question is "why haven't you?". Essential viewing, especially for those of you who are fawning over "Dallas Buyers Club". This is the real thing.

Jamie B (nl) wrote: Holy shit Carla Gugino is hot! But not hot enough to make this movie seem like a good idea. Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Where? How the hell did I miss that?

Patricia F (au) wrote: Uma facada no fgado.

Victoria T (fr) wrote: A great movie, very contemporary and sad story. Really well done; great directors just can't disappoint.

Raurie M (kr) wrote: What an uplifting movie! Besides the fact that it is Robin Williams and besides the fact that I have seen it over and over throughout the years, it still holds the same feel good emotional reaction no matter what age I am when I view it. Who wouldn't love to be responsible for such an amazing discovery... One that effected so many lives. To know that it was inspired by a true story makes it an inspirational story an undeniable miracle. Once again restoring my faith in the movies of the 80's, this would sit at the to of my list!!


Amar D (ca) wrote: great movie fun to watch "I am your mother now Calvin"

Randall F (de) wrote: Gotta love the musical version of ELEPHANT MAN.

Scott S (de) wrote: Making Love (1982) -- [6.0] -- It's mawkish, awkward, and in need of a subtlety injection, but I like "Making Love" anyway. As one of the earliest big studio mainstream films to feature openly gay characters who are neither serial killers nor flaming queens, I have to give the flick some cred. Plus, we get to see Harry Hamlin (LA Law, Clash of the Titans) get it on with Michael Ontkean (Sheriff Truman from Twin Peaks). Charlie's Angel Kate Jackson completes the love triangle and has a few nice moments in the film to herself. I dig the way Jackson and Hamlin's characters talk directly to the camera between vignettes. Leonard Rosenman's simple piano-driven score is also a nice touch.

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