Running Scared

Running Scared

Two street-wise Chicago cops have to shake off some rust after returning from a Key West vacation to pursue a drug dealer that nearly killed them in the past.

Danny and Ray are two street wise cops in Chicago. When they are almost killed on a case, they are forced to take a vacation by their captain. Key West offers a substantial change over frozen Chicago. They decide to quit and open a bar in Key West. Upon returning, they find that Julio, the drug dealer who nearly killed them has made bail and is trying to complete a giant drug deal. They decide to complete their case against Julio before quitting, but then begin being careful. Their effectiveness drops as they find they can't operate the way they did before if they don't have the edge of a long time commitment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Noubikko T (au) wrote: This film has so much heart. Definitely worth the heartache.

Freddie K (br) wrote: A surprisingly funny comedy. Roman Atkinson proves once again that he knows how to do satire, and for spy fans, this is what you've been wanting. With some well crafted action scenes comes impeccable comedic timing that makes you laugh for minutes on end. I just wish the movie didn't resolve a conflict through a drawn out and pretty awful speech.

Charlie H (ca) wrote: I would love to see a sequil.

Scott A (kr) wrote: Some of the worst film making I have ever seen.

ShiAnna C (nl) wrote: this movie is funny and romantic

Hammy 0 (kr) wrote: Screw 5 stars, this is a superb 10 star movie. I love the entire film, from beginning to end. Each and every actor are fantastic. I own it on DVD and I definitely always pop this movie and watch it, never gets old or boring. Director didn't go wrong on this, amazing film. Thank god this movie was created, very entertaining, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Totally a great popcorn movie. I highly recommend it.

Tom B (ca) wrote: I don't need no radar, I can tell! I just listen to the wind; it said, Fifty-nine, nail 'im!

Adam U (nl) wrote: THis is one of my favorite FAVORITES I can not get sick of this movie. Its so powerful and shocking , with a few fun scenes tossed in I WAS BIT BY A FUCKING BADGER . This is one of Val's best preformances. and a wonderful supporting cast . NOT 1 TO MISS

Leonardo Malacay S (ca) wrote: Los personajes tienen carisma pero no es suficiente, toma demasiados elementos ya vistos en pelculas del genero y lo hace de manera risoria.

Greg W (jp) wrote: good crime drama and korean twist on sergio leone's 'once upon a time in america'

Louis M (de) wrote: Quite possibly the funniest Woody Allen film ever.

emily h (kr) wrote: not bad, crazy that its based on a true story

Jamie I (kr) wrote: I love pandas and I love kung-fu.