Running Time

Running Time

Running Time was filmed in black and white, in real time, and seemingly takes place in one continuous, fluid shot. It's a little like Hitchcock's "Rope," but it's on location! Carl, an ex-con who sets out to rob the prison laundry system where he worked for 5 years (while in the pen), has spent ten years in prison planning the ultimate heist. Upon his release, he meets up with a high school buddy, who's made all the arrangements for the job, and rented him a hooker for his first encounter in a decade with a real girl. After picking up the safecracker and their getaway driver, they've got twenty minutes to pull off the perfect heist...but soon everything falls apart before Carl's eyes. He might still get the girl, though! Written by Scary Mary

Running Time was filmed in black and white, in real time, and seemingly takes place in one continuous, fluid shot. It's a little like Hitchcock's "Rope," but it's on location! Carl, an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pan C (us) wrote: The asylum has overtretched itself with this one.Although their knockoffs can often be amusing films in their own right, this time the Asylum has bitten of more than they can chew. To ride the hype of "the Hobbit" they made a movie extremely loosely based on the "hobbits" of Flores, an extinct species of humans. Throwing any attempt at authenticity out of the window the small brained people (that according to at least some scientists walked on all fours) are switched out for some sort of tree hugging hippies played by horribly lip synched dwarf actors. (They are called "tree people" in the movie, the only time the word "hobbit" is used is in the end credits. To add to the confusion, the version this reviewer has seen was titled "Lord of the Elves", because there's exactly zero of those in this thing.) These hobbits share the stage with the giants/humans, a surprisingly racially diverse group of modern human hunters, and the rock men (equally loosely based on another real prehistoric human species living in the area), a cross between a cave man stereotype, a satanic cult and a culture of dragon riders. The dragons come in two flavors, both varan based, but one is poisonous while the other one flies. The models look impressing, the animation is less than sub-par. The entire film was shot on location in Cambodia, which is pretty close to an actual Indonesian jungle. This makes it all the more surprising that the movie ended up looking like it was shot is some rocky bushes in the studios back yard. The opening credits make it really clear: the jungle is the star here, that's where the budget went. The rest of the movie just fails to live up to that. To add insult to injury, the acting and the story are so bad that even the incredible star power of that guy from Stargate and the vengeance/fanservice girl with the two-sided Shredder spear (and okay, her star power too, she easily has the better resume) couldn't save this one.That all said, the idea was definitely not bad, it just couldn't be done on this budget. The mashup of tools and clothes from all over the stone and bronze ages mixed with dragons and jungles full of venomous monsters results in a relatively original and interesting fantasy world. And I'm sure not a lot of people will object to the Asylum slowly moving towards less completely trying to copy upcoming blockbusters. So in the end, this movie ends up as a good idea given a bad execution. It's like inventing the wheel, and then building it out of shit. Keep trying Asylum.

Daniel W (us) wrote: I only watched this because of the 'Worst Idea Of All Time' podcast.

Robert H (us) wrote: Talk about deceptive advertising. While the trailers for this movie sold it as a political comedy, the tone of it is actually more serious and includes elements of romance and thrillers. Sadly, the results are less than compelling and rather stale. In MAN OF THE YEAR Robin Williams plays Tom Dobbs, a political comedian like Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, who decides to run for president on the suggestion of one of his audience members (which gets an applause and millions of emails). Venturing onto the campaign trail, he shakes things up by not following the norm when it comes to political conduct and being honest about the issues without beating around the bush. Subsequently, he wins in a landslide. Or did he? While there are elements of Robin's standup peppered through the film, the central conflict is actually about computerized voting machines. How riveting. You would think that Robin Williams re-teaming with Barry Levinson, who directed him in GOOD MORNING VIETNAM and has done some excellent political satire in the past (e.g., WAG THE DOG), would be a slam-dunk but it's far from that. At best, it's poorly written with lots of tired jokes and half-hearted attempts at humor. At worst, it's a dull story that tries to liven things up but just makes a mess out of the plot. Still, all the actors involved do give good performances. Robin Williams, even though on autopilot, does decent work. Christopher Walken and Laura Linney also do a decent job. Pity that they were given something sub par to work with. Ultimately, this film fails to say anything that a majority of Americans aren't already thinking, and the possibilities of a political comedian actually winning an election aren't fully explored. While well-filmed and acted, the story was too inconsistent and the themes underdeveloped. My advice is to skip it and watch one of Robin Williams' standup specials.

Claudia R (nl) wrote: It's a little confusing by the end. I would say it's a bad movie.

Moe M (de) wrote: I like this movie way more better than the sequel!

Alexander W (br) wrote: Quite silly and predictable. Jeremy Northam is a good actor, though.

Christine F (kr) wrote: Entertaining at times I guess

Isaiah H (gb) wrote: Fun film, great action!!!

Robert D (ca) wrote: Not brilliant, but worth a look for those who want to see Stallone and Schwarzenegger together in the same (improbable) story.

Dean M (it) wrote: Director Fred Olen Ray delivers a campy, sexy, very bloody parody about attractive prostitutes who dismember their unsuspecting customers.

Mark S (us) wrote: Everything about this ridiculous nonsense stinks !