The story of the film centers around the youth Ruhul, who lives with his family in a small hut next to the runway of the international airport. His mother Rahima struggles to support the family by selling milk from a cow bought with a micro credit loan. His sister Fatima works long hours in a garments factory. There's been no word from their father for over a month, since he left for a job in the Middle East. A Madras dropout, Ruhul spends his days wandering under the shadow of the planes, aimless and frustrated in his futile efforts to find work. One day at a cyber-cafe; he meets Arif, a computer savvy young man who exudes confidence and a sense of purpose. The world Arif introduces him to seems inspiring and new, but eventually Ruhul's life spirals into a nefarious netherworld of intolerance, violence and ultimately, death...

The story of the film centers around the youth Ruhul, who lives with his family in a small hut next to the runway of the international airport. His mother Rahima struggles to support the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cin A (kr) wrote: I saw this at a local film festival. A poor mish-mosh of issues around water and now tainted by the fact that one of their leading voices Peter Gleick is being investigated for falsifying information. The film wasn't that good before this scandal about their prime expert.

Randi R (nl) wrote: Burlesque is my favorite movie. Christina Aguilara is my favorite actris . She is Pretty,Nice ,and wonderful . So please watch Burlesque.

Frode L (jp) wrote: Den foerste halvtimen er bra, s slipper de opp for ideer.

Maria V (au) wrote: Tudo neste filme independente bom, a histria, as interpretaes e a atmosfera criada num retrato intimista que nos delicia do incio ao fim :)

Viviana R (ca) wrote: Gasp! She is not gonna shoot the violin. She is not gonna shoot the violin... She shot the violin! Desgraciada! . . .What a beautifully written and directed movie. Loved it!

Scott R (nl) wrote: more than a bit over the top but Gere is as likeable as ever

Nellie K A (ca) wrote: I think I saw it as a French dub. I love it.

Alex r (ag) wrote: Biopics are always wonderful because we get to see an interesting character brought to life through film. In the case of this film, it is Sid Vicious, the volatile bass player for The Sex Pistols. Gary Oldman is absolutely mesmerizing in the role of Vicious, and he really makes this flawed film worth seeing. I say flawed because according to Johnny Rotten, events in the film didn't happen as such and it is full of inaccuracies. Now I'm not into punk rock and I tend to lead more on Heavy metal music than anything else, so I wouldn't know how accurate the film is. However it definitely is a compelling, well acted drama that belongs on the shelf of the best biopics ever filmed. Oldman is a great actor, and he is perfect in the part. Sid & Nancy is a film that manages to overcome its flaws by its strong performances alone. Whether you like the music or not, this is worth seeing if you love Gary Oldman's work, and with such talent, I'm surprised that he hasn't won an Oscar. This is an overlooked film in his career, as he would take on better roles in future films, nonetheless this is a stunning performance that showcases his talents as an actor at such an early phase in career. Directed by Alex Cross, Sid & Nancy is a film that should be seen by any cinema buff looking for a well acted biopic about an interesting musical icon and his volatile, drug induced life and his short term stint with The Sex Pistols.

Brett H (de) wrote: After the massive success of the first film, Sly and the cast all return for the sequel that follows the re-match between Apollo and Rocky and feels like the logical continuation of the story. Rocky 2 is in my opinion, a true sequel, in that it picks up right after the events of the first film and actually takes our characters to different places as their lives have now been changed from the previous events. Not being used to wealth and fame, Rocky becomes addicted to a lavish lifestyle that he can't control and before he knows what hit him, he's been taken advantage of and has to go back to working at the gym as he's lost everything. Rocky's character is very selfish in this film and his arrogance comes to a head when his pregnant wife, Adrian, is forced to go back to work to support their losses and ultimately collapses into a coma due to the strain. This dramatic punch hits you like a sledgehammer and the stakes of the film are forever raised. From here, Rocky has to come out of his proclaimed retirement and get back in shape for the rematch; problem is he's suffered a blinding injury to his eye and Mickey refuses to train him. This is the first film in the franchise that Stallone also directed and you can feel his passion for the story as he knows the character better than anyone and deserves to helm the franchise. This film is a terrific companion-piece to the original classic and it adds new layers to the characters that some sequels wouldn't consider tackling; it falls into the formulaic tropes of the underdog sports film by the end, but the journey getting there is completely earned!

Greg W (br) wrote: More a white elephant than a white buffalo picture.

Keegan K (mx) wrote: This is not one of those movies that you watch to see amazing acting. If anything all the acting is mono tone. You watch this movie because you want to be a part of the regime that's against big brother! You want to overthrow the government. You want to make a difference in the world and change it for the better! I love the style, The fighting and the overall cause. Definitely a cool stylistic movie.

Tony L (ru) wrote: Obviously low budget; however, Cage and crew pull off a more than entertaining genre addition.

bill s (es) wrote: Akin to watching paint dry and once in a while burst into flames

Ricardo R (ca) wrote: Nobody should watch this but whoa it was intense.

ronald f (br) wrote: I am from Chicago and it was not what I expected I expected it to be like a movie about the life of people in Chicago and not an made up story with the title Chiraq spike lee is my fav but u should've did more research