A man receives a breakup letter from his sweetheart, who sends him back his photo, in pieces. The pained lover decides to reply. Fountain pen, penholder, desk, stamps, paper and inkwell all contrive diabolically to thwart him.

When picking up his mail, a man is excited to see a letter from his sweetheart. His excitement turns to sorrow when he gets home to his flat and sees that it is a Dear John letter. But that... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rupture torrent reviews

David B (es) wrote: Unoriginal. Lead character was loathsome. How he ended up with the girl just baffles me.

Saku N (fr) wrote: Since I barely remember seeing the anime and I've never read the manga, I'm not too biased about it. Being a Jackie Chan movie, I knew it was going to be slapstick and kinda goofy...but I enjoyed it for what it was.

Rodrigo C (ag) wrote: Slo por ver a Benedetti recitando en aleman es suficiente argumento para verla.

Trey W (au) wrote: HOW IS THIS A FRIGGEN KIDS MOVIE?! I mean why?! Why would people like to see cute bunnies fight to the death. And get ripped open by dogs. This slaughters children's minds.

Graeme H (fr) wrote: Not huge on scale, the film is very Hitchcockian on the part of Huston. Its weakest point is its datedness and slightly-whimsy approach to film noir.

Haley C (fr) wrote: The makers of this movie had, in fact, never read the book. At all. They didn't even get all of the names right, let alone the basic plot.

Jennifer T (gb) wrote: Watchable but boring. Keanu did great as Prince Siddhartha. What was with all the blue everytime they showed Seattle.

Luke W (kr) wrote: The best escape from reality, for the common working individual. Hilarious and unique. Office Space is one of a kind.

AW C (ca) wrote: Oldboy stands as one of the most truly savage revenge films.

Charlie G (es) wrote: Once again Zack Snyder proves that he's the worst director of all time.