A biographical drama centered on the rivalry between Formula 1 drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda during the 1976 Formula One motor-racing season.

Rush is based on a true story about a speed race occured between the British racer - James Hunt and the Austrian champion - Niki Lauda. One was a chic playboy with wild life and the other is the quiet genius but no less intense on the track. Their competition to gain victory and glory becomes a legend both in and out of Grand Prix racing... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frank F (us) wrote: Insightful, sad and inspiring.

Greg S (it) wrote: A museum guard at the Kunsthistorisches befriends a middle aged Canadian woman who has come to Vienna to visit a dying relative. This slow, abstract and contemplative movie won't be to everyone's taste; the best thing I can say about it is that it makes me want to go on vacation, visit an art museum and make a friend in a foreign country.

Mukund K (it) wrote: awesome movie............

Gerard D (gb) wrote: Christy returns to her old town and is confronted by her own past, including a disfigured sister, a suspicious brother-in-law, and maybe some ghosts. Nice little fright flick. This could've been better with some flamboyant direction. It all looks a bit dull and static. But there's a creepy atmosphere.

Abdallah E (fr) wrote: Really awkward, but overall very good performances.

Scott C (ag) wrote: Above average for a Canadian movie, but that ain't saying much.

Jonathan G (jp) wrote: Psycho-thriller with Jennifer Jason Leigh at her cutest/creepiest. A bit long and overdramatic, this film epitomizes the 90s horror genre- complete with the intense lighting. Rating: 7.5 / 10

mike h (jp) wrote: classic walken mob stuff, and a great movie too see alot of future famous actors get there start, actually met victor argo with a friend at bistro 990 in toronto long ago, and talked with him about this film. great film great cast, i can still remember the conversation i had with argo, seems like it was only yesterday, he was a great actor he will be missed, he was in so many great films.

Justin R (gb) wrote: Kind of like JAWS in the outback. The only scenes that fail to work are the ones where the damn giant boar attacks (bad animatronics?), but otherwise this is an effectively brutal creature feature.

Jack G (nl) wrote: Politically Incorrect, Funny and loved it!

Antonius B (es) wrote: Thought to have vanished until a single Spanish copy was found in the 1970's, it's a miracle this movie still exists, and it's the oldest surviving film made by an African-American director. That in and of itself makes it very special. It belongs to the genre referred to as 'race films' - movies made by African-Americans for African-American audiences between 1915 and 1950 - the vast majority of which are sadly no longer with us. I'll say up front that the movie is a little scattered, and the acting is mediocre at best - but viewers need to realize this was par for the course for movies in 1920, and this is a rare film from the period that actually has something to say. One of Micheaux's messages is that African-Americans need to be educated and to be allowed to vote in order to rise and have any real power in a country dominated by whites - a country that he still believed in despite its racism, that African-Americans had recently fought for in WWI (albeit in segregated troops), and one he points out they were never immigrants in. In the film there are whites who want to help, and quite generously, and there are also whites who want to keep African-Americans in their place, rationalizing that this will keep them happier, that they have no capacity for anything other than field work. The thought of women's suffrage (which would finally pass into law later in the year the film was released) is repellant to one white woman because she fears African-American women would also have the right to vote. Even more notoriously, there is a mob of whites who lynch a black family, as well as one who attempts rape in scenes which are both powerful and absolutely harrowing. Micheaux shows us the cruel injustice of what were common practices, an ugly part of our history that is hard to acknowledge even today. When the film was released, it was highly controversial for those scenes, and banned or edited in some places. What I was a little surprised by was Micheaux also showing us the negative effects of several African-Americans on their own culture - there is a gambler and thief known as "The Leech", a preacher who urges his congregation to be happy with their place in life because the country belongs to the white man and Heaven will be their reward instead, and a servant who incites whites with misinformation. The latter two endure humiliation with a smile, and Micheaux gets across the point that these variations of 'Uncle Tom' are selfish, helpful to themselves in the short term, but harmful to the culture. I took it as a brilliant call for strength and unity.Micheaux can't help himself in giving some of the characters what they deserve, examples of which are the actual killer for the murder being pinned on an African-American being shot in the hunt, and a little African-American boy escaping the lynching on horseback. While artistically some of these seem questionable, in this case they're probably necessary, because the film would have been far too depressing otherwise. Silent movies from this time period are often hard to watch, they come across as quaint and dated, and the filmmaking seems amateurish by today's standards. 'Within Our Gates' is certainly flawed, but it's a priceless expression of the African-American experience in 1920, and should be seen.

Johnny F (de) wrote: Robert De Niro is excellent in this film.

Francisco G (ru) wrote: A completly mental concept executed with the lowest budget possible, pulling laughs everytime the creatures shows up, for it is so lamely made and executed, you almost feel sorry for this tragic violent beast. Not just that, the acting is one of the worse ever seen but it complements the cheesiness of it all so well, it actually works.It's only shocking because of the atrocious sound design that got on my nerves more than once, but again, it just works since the rest of it so lame. A definite watch for fans of the genre and to discover Henenlotter's mental style, to serve as an appetite for his upcomingly mental Brain Damage.