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Rushhour torrent reviews

Jeff B (mx) wrote: This was a decent slow, steady burn, though I must admit I was hoping for a bit more. The comparison to 70's horror was certainly missed on me though, and I've seen my fair share.

Kevin M (ca) wrote: one of the best disney movies

Arash B (fr) wrote: Seems greatttt, hehe

Tristan H (ru) wrote: Why did the movies name change from "Royal Kill" to "Ninja's Creed" for the 2010 DVD release? The movie could have used quite a bit more action and suspense instead of spiraling into 20 minutes of fighting and 40 minutes of failing to resolve the plot. The movie leaves on an open end and 1 hour in, I was ready for it to be over. There were two awesome scenes in this movie though, so it is probably worth a rental at least for those scenes.

Nathan M (gb) wrote: Gorgeous cinematography and exquisite world-building make this a slower, smarter sci-fi dystopia than most. Touching on political and social themes that are relevant even now, Children of Men is a poignant fable worth revisiting.

Reverand Lord Horse o (au) wrote: Another one of those 80's teen movie it gave us Jon Cryer and Demi Moore but didnt move much from the stable of teen movies. A good watch but nothing amazing.

Scott C (us) wrote: I don't remember this very well.

JAMES D (de) wrote: this moives has robot monsters fight monster can't go wrong

chase (jp) wrote: a fun early giallo. sally smith as jill steals the show. chances are you'll figure this one out in the opening few minutes.

JeanMarie L (ca) wrote: Ce n'est pas le plus grand Godard des annes 60, mais c'est un tmoignage passionnant sur une poque... et son charme graphico-sonore trs godardien le rend irrsistible.

Henrysmovieguide C (jp) wrote: Not that great, honestly. While Arnold is a good actor, his talent is not well displayed here. Just kind of stupid.

Lee M (it) wrote: There are only two reasons to see The Heat. And they go by the names of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

Cameron J (ca) wrote: "Winchester P.I."! Some guy named Quigley sounds like he would have a moustache, and sure enough, the filmmakers, clearly realizing this, went all-out and got Mr. Tom Selleck himself, although that might be because when I say that Quigley sounds like the name of a moustache guy, I mean one of the twirly moustaches, because that is one cheesy name, and you're not about to call Tom Selleck cheesy, are you? I mean, seriously, save the fact that he's Tom Selleck, because the fact that he's in Australia is cool enough, and note that I said he's "in" Australia, rather than an Australian himself, because if they were trying to keep Selleck from looking cheesy, they weren't about to allow him to try an Australian accent. Actually, Selleck could ham up that accent all he wants, because once he stepped next to Alan Rickman, he would sound as though he's underplaying the accent, and Rickman isn't even Australian; he's just that thickly accented in general. You know, come to think of it, there really aren't a whole lot of Aussie's in this film's featured cast, so this "outback western" seems to be getting everything down, even down to showing up just in time to miss the peak of the 1980s' Aussie invasion. Well, it may have taken them until 1990, but I knew that the Australians were going to end up claiming America's western film industry, as much as they ruled the hard and alternative rock radios of the '80s, and I only wish that the result would be a better film. Now, don't get me wrong, the film is decent, but it's not "Tom Selleck in Australia" cool, for a number of reasons. First off, the film is pretty cheesy, as one might fear it would be, boasting some over-the-top set pieces and more than a few lame instances of comic relief, while even allowing storytelling itself to get a little corny. By that, I mean that the film is also narratively superficial, with thin characterization and some overblown conflicts to beget some glaring subtlety issues, as well as a predictability which is intense enough with storytelling conventions taken out of account. This outback western is a refreshing idea, but its interpretation if near-trite, with stereotypical character types behind a formulaic plot that doesn't even take its many, many tropes from especially engaging narrative formulas. This is more-or-less yet another inconsequential, extreme '90s Hollywood western, with a basic adventure story concept which is ultimately rather forgettable, and, quite frankly, would be more endearing if its execution was tighter. The film ultimately comes down to an approximate runtime of two hours, and considering that I just got down ranting about the thinness of the narrative, it should come as no surprise that the final product well outstays its welcome, for although entertainment value is never lost along the way, momentum really takes a beating the more storytelling drags its feet with filler and overblown material. There really is some solid potential here, but in theme, for when it comes to the molding of a film around such a theme, there's really nothing special here, thus, the final product falls flat as, at the very least, forgettable. With that said, as sheer filler, this film is well worth at least most of two hours, with color that extends from lively storytelling to even a lively soundtrack. Basil Poledouris' score is very formulaic, and yet, it's still among the strongest aspects of the film, with a colorful dynamicity that nonetheless rarely abates on a distinctly '90s sweep which captures a sense of adventure, whose immersion value is supplemented by art direction by Ian Gracie that distinguishes an Australian landscape, while doing a fine job of incorporating enough Old West elements to craft a unique environment. Like I said, the idea behind this important phase in the popularization of the "outback western", or, if you will, the "meat pie western" (Get it, because meat pies are popular in Australia, like how [u]spaghetti[/u] is popular in Italy? Western enthusiasts ought to get it) is unique, it's just that its execution isn't, but only in storytelling, as the art direction is endearing in its uniqueness, as surely as John Hill's script proves to be endearing, in spite of a lack of uniqueness. Cheesy, thin, overdrawn and all around formulaic, Hill's screenplay is lazy in a lot of ways, yet far from colorless on the whole, delivering on plenty of decent humor and lively set pieces, brought to life by direction that is just as lively. Simon Wincer delivers on a solid orchestration of action to punctuate a solid orchestration of subtle stylization and color which sustains color through and through, surprisingly never to let up. The film is inconsequential, as I've said time and again, but it's still a lot of fun, or at least charming, largely thanks to the charisma found on the screen. Acting material is generally flat, but the performances are still about as memorable as anything, whether they be by the typically chillingly charismatic Alan Rickman as a clichd corrupt man of power, or by the sometimes surprisingly dramatically effective Laura San Giacomo as an emotionally and mentally unstable young woman, or by Tom Selleck as, well, himself, complete with dynamite charm and a solid protagonistic presence. There's a lot about this film that's pretty endearing, and while the final product is ultimately inconsequential, it is indeed entertaining enough to hold your attention just fine, even if it can't quite keep a firm grip on your memory. Overall, cheese is found in both fluffy filler and superficial material that isn't even either unique or meaty, yet still overdrawn in storytelling, until the final product falls as underwhelming, but hardly a waste of time to be forgotten, thanks to the sweeping score work, unique art direction, colorful writing and direction, and charming performances that make "Quigley Down Under" a thoroughly entertaining, if inconsequential outback western. 2.5/5 - Fair

Pamela D (gb) wrote: Some decent horror tales. Nothing like Edward Bloch would write, but a respectable lineup nevertheless.

lilo c (ca) wrote: uughhh Kristen Stewarts in here. She just killed the whole movie