Young lovers Billy and Sarah journey from L.A. to Texas with plans to make a false claim to the valuable assets left behind by a dead friend. But when their voyage brings them to Tremo, Texas, they find a bizarre and sinister world awaiting them.

Billy Brody (Josh Henderson) and Sarah (Haley Webb) are a young couple decide to a small Texas town because of a dead friend's inheritance. Everything seems to be a nightmare when they encounter the extraordinary underworld of Tremo. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Myspace Of Simon Seville (kr) wrote: Great.Only that it needed some better effects.Still it was awesome.

Marcia C (it) wrote: do these actors act just to pay college tuition or what?

Leo L (fr) wrote: no happy ends in my thrillers, please...

Morten F (es) wrote: Ikke en prsident uden en film om selvsamme... Glansbilled af Harry Truman.

Kayla A (nl) wrote: The best movie ever.

Ryan M (au) wrote: Very strange movie, mostly because I didn't know the history of the character

Senor C (kr) wrote: I like seeing Bronson in vehicles where he's just not toting a gun; St Ives is one of the few occasions where he's able to stretch his acting legs a bit & even do a little comedy (the bit where someone is trying to save him a dime in the washroom is hilarious). Watch for Jeff Goldblum & Robert Englund in bit roles of muggers...this also contains one of the worse Drive Ins ever where they play nothing but the same 10 second loop of a cattle rush for a Western double bill

Eric R (au) wrote: Whistle Stop is really just an average film that's most redeeming quality is probably Ava Gardner's presence; cause you know, she's gorgeous and such. Mary is the perfect role for Ava, a woman who returns home to her small town after a stint in Chicago, sparking old lying animosity between two of her old boyfriends, Kenny and Lew. Kenny, played by George Raft, is a flawed character who doesn't have much ambitions; he's a restless soul whose life seems to be given meaning again when Mary gets back into town. Lew, on the other hand, is a wealthy man, who wants to steal Mary away from Kenny. The film plays out pretty much by the numbers and their isnt much to really praise here in terms of cinematography or direction. George Raft's character is somewhat compelling, in that he fights and scraps for Mary's affection but to me the characters infatuation is purely more about Lust than Love so I didn't really find myself all that interested in whether Kenny would end up with Mary. It's not a bad film, and Ava Gardner is beautiful and solid as always but nothing you need to rush out and see either.

Brian M (us) wrote: Great movie. Brilliant story.

Rafael F (gb) wrote: Captain Picard is not gay. He's British.

Johnny B (it) wrote: Don't go in expecting Final Fantasy. It's really good.

James W (gb) wrote: So weird and odd that it's good!