Russell Brand: Doing Life - Live

Russell Brand: Doing Life - Live


Russell Brand interacts with the audience, and talks about sex and celebrities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russell Brand: Doing Life - Live torrent reviews

Paul D (br) wrote: Not as fantastical a fantasy as many Studio Ghibli films, but true to its stye and appearance and the historically relevant story are good.

Jennifer M (mx) wrote: Perfect for late night drunk viewing.

Denise G (nl) wrote: looks very interesting!!!

Chris H (kr) wrote: Informative and well worth a look.

Ash B (ca) wrote: Dr Seuss is great. love to watch this movie with my son.

Nate P (br) wrote: This movie has great performances, but it feels more like a boring extended episode of the show rather than and actual Star Trek film.

Patti W (br) wrote: Gave me insight on the pressures of what is like to be a first generation canadian. Enjoyed it the first time when I was in my early 20's. Watched again in my late 30's and enjoyed it just as much. Has certainly made one of favourites.

tyler b (us) wrote: Pauly Shore... do I need to say more? Hey that rhymed.

Gaku S (fr) wrote: When you are depressed, you need a big laugh!

Walter C (fr) wrote: Small time pimp, Black rabbit moves to the big city with Fox and Bear after his father dies and takes over the underworld scene in this Ralph Bakshi cartoon. This movie plays out like most blaxploitation films I've seen and the movie has the same feel as 'Heavy Traffic.' I'd say this is one of Bakshi's better movies.Fans of Bakshi and blaxploitation cinema should enjoy.

Jesse R (br) wrote: From the title of the movie, you'd think Frankenstein (the monster) would be meeting a space monster, but that's not true. Frankenstein is actually a human/robot named Frank, who tries and stops a Princess from kidnapping beautiful looking Women to help re-populate their planet.The bald caps in this film look awful, but it's 1965, and even for that year they don't look good.

Heather K (us) wrote: Ummm....hello? I have LOVED this movie for years...have probably seen it about 5 times. I was trolling around on Rotten Tomatoes and decided to look at its tomatometer. I have hit the "play trailer" button on the main page screen seven times just now, and all it does is take me to The History Channel's stupid commercial about candy---that is, the actual confection. Why does this very good movie have a) no trailer, and b) a fake link to a "trailer" which is actually an advertisement for candy in general? What the eff is going on????

Shelly F (au) wrote: I wish they were continuing on with the series. The movie was great and book series is amazing

Scott A (au) wrote: This might be one of the few Ralph Fiennes movies he wasn't freaky in any way. But the movie is so corny and the love story is too easy. As a politician, it just seemed odd how calm and open he was to all Lopez's lies. Lopez is just that...hard to see her as anything but a diva, and as a Maid possibly on her way to a manager job, she really doesn't do much to get said job.Most of the supporting cast is what helps this film. Richardson is really good here, and so sad that she passed far too early, but her character just kind of disappears at one point. Hoskins is good here too in a very subtle role.I also didn't buy in the present American society, that so many people would allow the antics Lopez takes. My experience that co-workers will stomp you down any chance they get.