Russell Peters: Notorious

Global comedy star Russell Peters leaves no ethnic or cultural stereotype unstrapped in this outrageous stand-up appearance in Sydney, Australia.

Global comedy star Russell Peters leaves no ethnic or cultural stereotype unstrapped in this outrageous stand-up appearance in Sydney| Australia

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Users reviews

Adam E (nl)

There really is no need to watch this if you have seen the first. This is essentially the same minus the fun parts. The original had a sense of fun about it and some quality scenes. This makes no difference as the same poor jokes and awfull acting ensue. instead of it been set in one site and only happening to tourists or waylaid travellors they decide to move the procedings on the road. Good but you can see boobs anywhere it seems now! The story is tripe. The acting is awfull all the way through, the gore is nothing special and the boobs are well boobs i guess. Low budget and it feels it. There really is nothing else to recommend to people from this movie. The only reason this gets half a star is for a semi humorous flashdance sequance and the fact it has boobs in it and a wee bit of blood

arlyn c (ru)

one of my most favorites have it

Colin S (au)

Slightly distracting is the concept that Willis and Parker have a romance going on when it seems that he's conceptually old enough to be either her father or grandfather, and sadly Freeman suffers a too-well-worn fate for the token African-American, but this is all forgivable considering the good humour, the chance to see Mirren go nuts with sniper rifles and submachineguns, plus the bonus of Willis in a brutal hand-to-hand with the ever-likeable Urban. Fairly basic action vehicle with some great gun fu scenes, with the added twist of the protagonist characters being largely "over the hill", even if the actors who portrayed them don't seem to be so much

David W (es)

till stupid. It's surprisingly more entertaining than the others


A bgeautiful movie about a man who grew up in a boarding house in upstate New York and the woman that unselfishly raised him

Derek T (es)

So dumb. Thoughtless plot. Slash and gore is all this was about

Graham B (mx)

Alas not the case. I'm not sure what else the story could have done, but as Beneath and Conquest were unusually good sequels it would have been good to finish on a high note. A feature length pilot for the subsequent TV series. The poor script and micro budget make it look like what it ultimately is. Clearly the storyline barrel has been dredged and there is not much to see here. Caesar must lead a climatic battle to defend their home against the mutants humans and also against the threat of the war mongering gorillas led by General Aldo, who seeks to rule Ape City for himself. The humans follow the apes back to their home and declare to level it killing everyone. After a reconnaissance mission into the nearby forbidden city to seek out recordings of his murdered parents, he attracts the attention of mutant humans who are dwelling in the underground radiated city. Since Conquest, humanity has destroyed itself in a nuclear apocalypse and Caesar has established a city of apes with the remaining human survivors as second class citizens. The fifth and fortunately last of the original 'Apes' films

Jacqueline M (gb)

Would love to see this movie added to your list

Joseph W (kr)

I first watched this in my philosophy class at school & I was shocked by how good it was! Racism is such an important topic & was used extremely well in the film! I thought the black & white sequences were brilliant & Edward Norton did an outstanding job as the lead!

Lee M (mx)

The rest of the film -- a modern-day fable about love and commitment -- is clunkily rendered, clouded by an avalanche of murky symbolism. The rich, gorgeous music and the wistful pastoral scenes create a rhapsodic mood that the rest of the film doesn't really sustain