Russia 88

Russia 88

A gang of skinheads 'Russia 88' are filming propaganda videos in order to place it on the internet. At the same time the camera records the life of the gang, they become accustomed to this and stop paying attention to it. The leader of the gang 'Blade' discovers that his sister is dating a guy from the Caucausus. This family drama develops into a tragedy.

A gang of skinheads 'Russia 88' are filming propaganda videos in order to place it on the internet. At the same time the camera records the life of the gang, they become accustomed to this ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Todd S (de) wrote: How does a short story spawn eight feature films? It's simple, nothing is scarier or more creepy than children who kill people. The eighth film, like several of the other sequels, doesn't take place in Gatlin, and is very loosely tied to the original story. I give this movie credit for possibly being the creepiest children of the corn, and for doing it without much of the gore the other films featured. A lot of the credit goes to veteran movie actor, Billy Drago, who is just creepy by nature. There is no denying the film is creepy, but is it good? No, not really! The story is very slow at times, inconsistent, and some what predictable. Genesis had a bit more potential than some of its predecessors, but in the end, despite the creepy vibe it gives off, it's just another really bad sequel that we didn't need.

Rob B (nl) wrote: Desde cuando Ice Age se convirti en Scrat's Bizarre Adventure?

Troy K (nl) wrote: Surprised I had never heard of this. Not great, but definitely funny enough to see.

Alfredo S (ca) wrote: Its still not as good as the original cartoon, but The Fast and The Furry is the only modern Tom and Jerry movie of all that stands out a little by proving it at least understands how the Tom and Jerry slapstick works, as the rest of it, the characters and story are lacking.

Jenna G (fr) wrote: Best thing I have ever seen in my entire life

Leena L (ag) wrote: Rich girls, poor boys, sex, lies and miserable lives. Not bad in all, good performances by the then-new and upcoming cast. Small town living.... equals to melodrama. nothing more.

Grit R (mx) wrote: A very excellent and touching movie from South India that thematises the conflicts between hindus and muslims in India during the 90's. Very beautiful and tender love sequences but also scary moments characterize this movie.

x x (mx) wrote: I actually enjoyed this film more than I did the one that inspired it, Howard Hawks' own Rio Bravo, as a more casual and convincing Western - the characters are marginally less cliched, and the histories between them easier to imagine. Part of this is the real working-class sensibility of the story, in which the heroes aren't infallible, the real villain isn't a rival gunslinger but a greedy businessman, and even his hired gun, apparently marked like a bad guy, is only doing his job. As one of the last touchstones in the era of star-driven Westerns; the ones that sold tickets with onscreen team-ups of real movie stars directed by fathers of the genre; it bears the hallmark vices and virtues - Hollywood pageantry, charisma, and the disappointingly simple attitudes and values of a white patriarchal society clearly descended from the one on screen.

Steve S (kr) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Kevin S (nl) wrote: Joan Crawford stars as Monica Rivers, the hard-charging owner of the world famous 'Rivers Circus'. After a handsome high-wire performer dies in a bizarre "accident", Miss Rivers discovers that the publicity increased ticket sales. Soon other members of the troop perish at the hands of a mysterious serial killer.I get the impression that Crawford's part was written for someone a little younger or at least someone with less frightening eyebrows. Still, I have to credit J.C. for her serious approach to the character. A very good effort in a very bad film.

Tara H (gb) wrote: Classic supernatural comedy from Noel Coward is as sparkling and witty today as when it was first devised. Starring the inimitable Rex Harrison, with Margaret Rutherford as the dotty medium, Madame Arcati.