Russian Terminator

Russian Terminator

An ex-mercenary is enlisted back into the life to rescue the boyfriend of the daughter of a powerful mogul.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:kidnapping,   ninja,  

An ex-mercenary is enlisted back into the life to rescue the boyfriend of the daughter of a powerful mogul. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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NintendoJackson (ag) wrote: This movie was pretty good I guess it's kind of funny how the animals have like there own every day life and talk to each other and stuff like that

Marilena G (mx) wrote: Classic American dilemma: "how to handle our teenage murderers". So it may be an odd subject, but the answer is not always obvious, or easy.

Shaun M (ca) wrote: Absolutely gorgeous. Each shot should have been a water colour painting in a gallery.

Anaideia E (br) wrote: Really dissapointed about this movie, I love Rob Zombie but it's his worst realisation. The story could have been so much better !

Matt M (br) wrote: The story of two New York City working class couples, one whose love is ending and another whose love is beginning. It's a sweet well meaning film based around the theme of maturity and relationships, but only really kicks in with its final part after a dull paced hour.

Toby C (ag) wrote: This movie is incredible. Everything from the characters, story, and emotion it exploits create one of the greatest movies of the year.

Dan C (nl) wrote: Excellent fun weird movie. Must see if you are into off the normal film

Sascha M (jp) wrote: IMHO one of the most imaginative movies in recent history. It reminded me of Emir Kusturica's and Jeunet & Caro's styles (Black Cat White Cat, Delicatessen, Amelie).In a forgotten village somewhere in Central Asia the budding love of childhood sweethearts is challenged by a strike on sex that the women of the village lay on the self-absorbed men because they are incapable of fixing the water system. The strike intensifies and even leads to a separation of the village along gender lines by the women. Driven by love for his sweetheart and a celestial prophecy, the young heartthrob sets out to bring water to the village and win back the heart of his virgin.This is one of those movies that is intensely rich in color, humor, emotions and full of life. The photography and love of detail is outstanding as is the cast that has been painstakingly selected from 28 countries (!). Hopefully you can watch Absurdistan in your local theater soon and be touched by its overflowing humanity. Not to be missed!

Christopher B (fr) wrote: An entertaining and creepy addition to the horror genre. Don't think I'll be exploring any caves anytime soon.

James D (us) wrote: This was a real disappointment. It had potential, but they just didn't pull it together. I found it difficult to suspend my disbelief, the story was predictable and the outcome was mundane. Doesn't deserve an R rating either for that matter.

Russell H (nl) wrote: pretty good acting. pretty intense. Quite the twist. Not bad

Ben D (nl) wrote: I watched this because I really like Oliver Stone, and thought it would be a political thriller. Turns out its more about James Woods being an A-hole.

Ollie W (ag) wrote: A fair, well acted Yakuza flick, with occasional flashes of genius (the bashing of the beach floor being a particularly memorable one) amongst generally predictable narrative twists and turns - all of which can be enjoyed, but will offer no major surprises for any fans of the genre.

andrei n (ca) wrote: it can be interpreted as a childish film with stupid scenes,but this film has a very benefical message which you can sometines think about it....

Paul C (nl) wrote: Another big dose of bawdy humour with pretty much all of the major cast members in attendance. Most notable for Jim Dale flying down a staircase on a gurney.

Ben H (us) wrote: The type of film you lurve to hate, just so much dinosaur fun without any serious thinking whatsoever for plot, continuity or character depth - I love it!! Especially Caroline Munro in not too much, you can see why she became a Bond girl.

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Vadim D (de) wrote: An entertaining and thrilling movie with a great cast. Still an exciting watch. Wolfgang Petersen is not the greatest film maker ever, but he is capable of handling action sequences very well.

Charles C (nl) wrote: Every teenagers dream growing up, being a rock star. Sex,Drugs, and Rock N Roll. Great movie, mark Wahlberg at his best.