• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Rustom-E-Hind 1965 full movies, Rustom-E-Hind torrents movie

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Rustom-E-Hind torrent reviews

Mohammed A (us) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Tim S (ru) wrote: Was good !! Not as the first one but good !

Alenor L (nl) wrote: I would love to see this when it shows on TV

Phillip D (ag) wrote: I should have figured that critics wouldn't want to roll with one of the few indie films that doesn't reek of pretentiousness. The fact of the matter is, Bella is a beautifully shot and scored film with an intimate nature and complex intersection of moral and philosophical dilemmas. Its cast of virtual unknowns deliver an A+ performance that carries one of the earliest entries in the gritty and realistic category that has overtaken independent films recently. Although many critics jumped on the liberal bandwagon against the film's message while other critics jumped over-zealously to its defense, Bella rides a heartwarming medium, managing to thoughtfully comment on both sides of the issue of unplanned pregnancy without being intrusive. Although critics have also complained that the story is concocted, the nuances that the story is in service to are really what is so important about Bella. Overall, the film is a desperately human tale, fraught with the real life challenges felt by the audience everyday.

Shaun M (mx) wrote: As dictated by Shaun to David Wallace.Today, on this day, I will review Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties. This great movie whisk(er)s the viewer away to beautiful great Britain full of all the pomp and purrrperstance that you would expect. Orange you glad you read this review?

Phil S (es) wrote: Here's a director who is obviously impressed with David Lynch and wants to be just like him. Unfortunately, he has neither the imagination nor the warped sense of humor of Lynch, and cannot overcome those obstacles in this film. A bare-bones script and storyline, a minimalist style of black-and-white photography and an excruciatingly slow delivery DO NOT AN ART FILM MAKE on their own!!!! There has to be something at least to look at, and although the cinematography is topnotch, the subjects frequently are not remarkable, and having recurring and VERY annoying Philip Glass-like accordion music in the background can't make up for a lack of anything interesting to observe. (Not to knock Philip Glass, I love his work.) As well, he couldn;t decide if the Hungarian speaking actors should be dubbed into English or French, and then he threw Tilda Swinton into the mix, speaking English but being dubbed into French. Not interesting, just dumb.This is the case of a 20 minute vignette squeezed into a 140 minute vacuum, the result being that the vacuum would be more interesting without the vignette. Nobody can do David Lynch anywhere near as well as David Lynch, nor should they try. Nothing cerebral here, folks, move on...

Baurushan J (es) wrote: The story is about Cody Banks played by Frankie Muniz, some guy who went nowhere with his life gets plucked out of the suburban obscurity to be trained as a secret agent for the CIA. His mission is to get close to his classmate Natalie Connors played by Hilary Duff so that he can uncover her father Dr.Connors played by Martin Donovan's diabolical scheme to create indestructible robots. But of course he has to deal with his human life as well which includes his parents, his homework and his self-esteem. When I first watched this movie, it was badass! I still remember parts of it and I still remember it being great. The action was memorable, the climax and ending was great and we had a somewhat good villain. Agent Cody Banks gets a solid 8.6/10.

Dylan D (jp) wrote: Pokemon 2000 is made to cater primarily to fans of the franchise, and while this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it can leave one wondering if it could have had a bit more to offer to those unacquainted with these movies or the TV show on which it's based. Taken as a whole, the movie does have more to offer its audience for account of its gigantic scope, more consistent dialogue and comic relief, and a deeper meaning than its predecessor had. While it won't likely be remembered for innovative contributions to the Anime genre or film in general (as it doesn't even appear canon to the show), it will most definitely be remembered as a motion picture event (albeit a nostalgic one) in the future.

Wayne H (gb) wrote: This is a movie that I want my daughters to watch. It truly tells an untold story of how women have made a difference in American history. I also think that the three leading women all did an excellent job...

Gerame A (it) wrote: this movie made me cry

Tripp D (it) wrote: This movie was the sh*t!! Brings you deep into the gritty life of east coast car jackaz and put you in the passenger seat for all the action. I could watch it a thousand times.

Nicole B (mx) wrote: I saw this movie years ago - a friend and I were meant to go to dinner after seeing this but alas, we had no appetite for food after watching this. This is a disturbing film and one that pushes your emotions between feeling anger at - & sorry for Crissy Rock's character. The performances were brilliant.

Charlie V (nl) wrote: Everything about why I like movies is in this movie.

Hesham A (ca) wrote: A well made adaptation from the literature ! Amazing Cinematography & Set Decoration vs. a long duration

Nandi C (ru) wrote: With a cagey, yet jazzy score and the sordid story of a young woman who stays on the wrong side of the law one too many times and ends up on death row. Based on the true story of Barbara Grahame, who was executed in 1953, Susan gives it her very best and won the Oscar in 1958 for her portrayal.

Luke J (fr) wrote: The only thing better than GWTW is the novel on which it is based. Don't watch the movie looking for a moral. The main character, Scarlett, has none. She's an awful person that you sort of want to see kick everyone's ass. You see the rest of the characters are "nobility" types with their heads in the ground, unwilling to see there's no point in fighting the inevitable. The film glosses over the more violent and sordid details of the book, appearing to make the South look gentile, but overall it's a gross understatement to say it's just a nostalgic look at American history. It encompasses a look at our faults and how humans will cut off their noses to spite thier faces. The point is, this happened to the kings of Ireland, the empire of Rome, it happened in Russia in War & Peace, and it's happening again today. The world is changing and we aren't promised anything from it, all you can do is try to survive.

Kieran F (us) wrote: As a fan of Willem Dafoe I was kind of hopping this wouldn't be to bad. But this film is a film that should be thrown out of theaters and into the $2 bin at a walmart or something