In a small village in the Danube Delta, where traditions are confronted with new material purposes, a teenage girl is becoming a woman. This is the story of Ryna, a 16 year old girl, working as an motor mechanic in Sulina, who strives to find her identity next to a father who is firmly denying her femininity.

In a small community in the Danube Delta that wavers between old traditions and new material aspirations, a teenager, Ryna, pays a heavy price in a search of her own identity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee H (au) wrote: Much more fun that it had any right to be. By the end however your mind has been well and truly scrambled!

Dave R (jp) wrote: a gritty film about an aging boxer meant to take a dive but doesn't; sound familiar? does to me - pulp fiction. don't know how much this movie influenced pulp fiction but i'm sure either tarantino or avery must have seen this movie and had some inspiration. anyway, the set-up is a great movie.

Jay A (br) wrote: Quite Enjoyable but its a Poor Versus movie

Jacky L (au) wrote: three stars for effort but two stars for overall enjoyment. this attractive actress turned director was quite heavy-handed in her treatment, the whole film was just 'uneven'. it was kinda hard to plod through this slowie; as if life ain't depressing enough!

Steff A (au) wrote: Officialy on my "To see" list! Critics 100% liked it. How many critics? Zero! I am intrigued though...

Jeffrey M (ag) wrote: Chopper is made by the performance of Eric Bana, who shows depth previously unseen in his other performances. His charisma, his intensity, and his delivery underscores every seen with the sort of manic criminality that makes the film truly effective. His ambiguous motivations, and the film's reluctance to ascribe real meaning, making the film all the more fascinating as a character study.It also works on a dramatic and, at times, comedic level, providing us with authentic character moments, and very interesting dynamics. Some of the dialogue can be a bit hard to decipher because of the accents, to be sure, but it nevertheless remains as an effective story of a twisted man, told in a brisk, gritty, and entertaining manner.3.5/5 Stars

Cody F (au) wrote: The critics are right that there are a few boring parts and it does get pretty violent for a G-rated movie....but the other main problems are that most of the first movie's main characters don't return, the parrot who thinks he is a dog is annoying, and the theme song is dumb. But, I am surprised as everyone else when finding out that it was nominated for Best Costume Design at the Oscars and the last movie wasn't. It may not be as good or memorable as the live-action 101 DALMATIANS, but 102 DALMATIANS is still entertaining for all ages and Disney fans! Let's just see how the reboot titled CRUELLA plays out!!!!

Kat K (au) wrote: PARDES (1997) - Its always interesting to see how America and Americans are portrayed in Hindi cinema - this one is filmed around Hollywood, Los Angeles and Las Vegas - the cities of sin. This movie deals with the comparison between the moral bankruptcy of America and the 'soul' of India. SRK is delightful (and ADORABLE) as always. And of course there is the expected cameo appearance by the director Subhash Ghai. ;)

Ina S (us) wrote: Wonderful, quiet film about being yourself.

Jules H (fr) wrote: The story may be lacking in coherency and all over the place, but the characters are likable and the designs are admirable enough to make Rock-A-Doodle a more memorable film.

Eric H (nl) wrote: This is another of those fairly early Robin Williams vehicles that appeared to be tailor made for the star to show off his undoubted comic talent, and yet somehow failed to hit the mark.Williams is good as the car but the story never really goes anywhere, and the direction prolongs it even further.Avoid this one, there are plenty of better Robin Williams' films around.

Sarah B (gb) wrote: A Classic 80's movie! Jon Cryer is hilarious! The rest of the cast is anything to remark about, but it's great, one that needs to be added to the collection.

Uriel H (br) wrote: Esta pelcula es un placer culposo. Es mala? No. Es malsima! Es divertida? S... mucho! Ringo Starr (s el de los Beatles) hace el papel de Atuk un incomprendido hombre de las cavernas al que su clan corre por tonto. Despu (C)s forma otro que querr recobrar lo suyo. Tal vez lo ms relevante de todo es que Ringo conoci en esta pelcula a su bellisima esposa Barbara Bach. Por cierto est filmada en Durango. Si no la han visto hganlo, se van a divertir.

Nick M (ag) wrote: See the unedited version.

Nate W (br) wrote: zatoichi kicks a lot of ass and helps out some farmers - a win/win situation