S Diary

S Diary

A cute Korean story about a girl Jini and her memories of first loves. Her mom gave her a diary at coming of age and in the movie she goes through her past boyfriends and reflects on how they've given her memories.

(Korean with English subtitles) Jini gets dumped by her boyfriend with the final note saying he was only interested in having sex with her but not in a lasting relationship. This triggers ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Camille L (it) wrote: Il faut se forcer pendant un petit quart d'heure devant Skiptrace, le temps que l'intrigue, quasiment incomprhensible au premier abord, se mette en place. Mme la premire scne d'action est plus que mdiocre et Johnny Knoxville semble faire absolument n'importe quoi. Puis Knoxville et Jackie Chan se retrouvent parcourir la Russie, la Mongolie et la Chine ensemble et Skiptrace s'illumine. Les deux acteurs se rpondent parfaitement bien, la suite de pripties toutes aussi crtines les unes que les autres est rjouissante, l'humour est sympathique et les scnes d'action enfin russies. Skiptrace est souvent trs drle, jamais cynique, un vritable divertissement solide et inoffensif. Mais encore une fois, il faut supporter les 15 lamentables premires minutes.

Bob M (kr) wrote: The violent reactions evidenced in many of the reviews of this movie on this site says more about the reviewers than Tiptoes. I found the movie to be poignant. Viewers must sort out their feelings about "little people" and, based on the negative comments, many would rather pan the movie and bury their prejudices.

Jamey P (mx) wrote: No where near as charming as Nightmare Before Christmas, but worth a watch around Halloween.

Scott S (it) wrote: one of the coolest movies you never saw!! steven dorf is the shit!

Michael F (br) wrote: a slight downfall in the highlander series....

Craig R (gb) wrote: -A bunch of 80's like hipsters buy a house with intent to fix it up when they wake the demonic spirit who once resided there. One by one they are picked off and possessed by the evil forces in the house, each being killed by the previous victim. To make matters worse the house itself has actually barred everyone in. Pretty creepy scenes with some lame acting, which kind of throws some humor in. The idea is cool and the effects aren't horrible, but the plot drags for awhile making it a little boring. Not at all unwatchable, just don't expect on the edge of your seat action and terror.

Stephen C (de) wrote: Robert Altman was on a creative roll by 1977 and thanks to a sympathetic studio head at 20th Century Fox he was able to make this brilliant piece of work from a dream he had when his wife was ill!!!! The film deals with the roles of duality, change of personality and a film where men are secondary feeders to the lead women of the cast.Sissy Spacek is Pinky a withdrawn and almost childlike woman who travels from Texas to California to work in a health spa.While she is shown the job she meets Millie played by Shelly Duvall who is more outgoing and always talking despite the fact almost no one seems to be listening to what she says.Pinky is intrigued by Millie and whenshe becomes her flat mate the film takes a turn for the surreal.Millie lives in a world of yellow with her house and even her car colour coordinated.She is also drawn to a derelict bar known as Dodge city where local artist Wille (Janice Rule)lives with her macho husband.Soon Millie takes and interest in the husband and Pinky commits an act which will change everything that has gone before.Altman is at the peak of his power here paying homage to Bergmans Persona and adding his own off beat spin to the Women's genre film.All 3 female leads are outstanding but for me Shelly Duvall walks away with the film .Her performance as Millie is possibly the best thing she ever did and its a shame more people didn't see the film on its first release.The film is an eerie and dreamlike masterpiece and its one of the directors very best works.

Tim S (mx) wrote: Ok, so Fuzz definitely won't win any awards for originality or even pushing the envelope, but it doesn't need to. It's one of the most enjoyable cop dramedies that Robert Altman never made. It really does feel Altmanesque to me at times (if there is such a thing). The word is that its two main stars, Burt Reynolds and Raquel Welch, didn't get along so well during the filming. That may or may not be true, but I know that they don't really share any scenes together at all, so I couldn't see it as being a major problem. Apparently, the film is based on a series of novels by Ed McBain. There were some changes, as always, including giving the city an official place and setting, as well as pushing it into more comedic territory. It's tone is definitely not consistent, and it doesn't really succeed at any tone it's trying to settle on at the time, but it winds up being fun anyways. That's a pretty tough thing for a dramedy. Yeah it works, but the wheels do squeak a bit.

Deke P (es) wrote: Classic. Especially the shootout on the train hauling logs. When that was over the audience gasped.

Alden S (br) wrote: 8 out of 10:Even if it is slightly cheesy, Dirty Dancing makes up with great choreography and songs.

Robert I (de) wrote: Arnold vs. Bear. Whoever won it was ARNOLD!!!

Nick C (de) wrote: Watching this again. One of my favorite Star Trek movies. Good memories :)

Paul D (us) wrote: Starts off as an intrusive triangle relationship story, but becomes more of a addiction storyline for the main character. It's a little disjointed, but just about works.

Adam D (ca) wrote: a very good movie beautiful breeds of horses too